Nancy Owen Nelson's Colorful New Book of Poetry

Photo of author and HFC English professor Nancy Owen Nelson

Nancy Owen Nelson is a passionate English instructor at Henry Ford College and novelist of several works regarding her ancestry.

D.I.A. Blends Art and Fashion with "Labor of Love"

Photo of Ruben Toledo's sketch "World Music Gets Deported"

Opened Dec. 16, the Detroit Institute of Arts’ “Labor of Love” exhibition features works by artists and designers Ruben and Isabel Toledo.

Going Live: The Life of a Twitch Streamer

Photo of Twitch streamer and article author Jesse Mattox

Over the past decade more and more people have started to turn to the internet as a way of making money.

Breaking the Ice: HFC's Production of "The Foreigner"

Graphic for HFC's production of "The Foreigner"

For the winter production, Henry Ford College’s theatre department is bringing Larry Shue’s “The Foreigner” to the campus community.

Fantasy Hits Reality at the Sisson Gallery

Image of Marvel Cards Montage featuring Spider-Man, Venom, and Green Goblin

Star Wars, Spider-Man, beer steins, bonds and more are all on display at the Sisson Art Gallery on Henry Ford College’s main campus.

Craft Brew: Detroit's Beer Future

Graphic of a beer with a Detroit "D" handle surrounded by hops.

In recent years, craft breweries have surged in Michigan. According to M-Live, the amount of beer sold and produced in Michigan increased from 2 percent in 2007 to 10 percent in 2017.

Civil Rights Art to Hip Hop: DIA Puts ‘67 Uprising in Context

Image of a vibrant piece of artwork by Wasworth Jerrell called "Three Queens"

“Art of Rebellion: Black Art of the Civil Rights Movement,” at the Detroit Institute of Art, features art from the 1960s and 1970s that evoke a powerful and emotional message of black nonconformity and solidarity.

Library Street Collective is Worth Checking Out

Photo of Library Street Collective's "Rainbow City Roller Rink"

Rainbow City Roller Rink, a holiday-inspired roller rink overlooking Campus Martius in Detroit, is an immersive art installation in which people can skate around eight vibrant, Candyland-like sculptures which hang from the ceiling.

Wasserman Projects: "Coatlicue's Return" and "Speculations" Exhibits

Image of artist Sarah Meyohas' work from "Speculations" exhibit

Built in an abandoned fire station at the edge of Detroit’s Eastern Market stands the Wasserman Projects. The 9,000 square foot space is partially renovated being careful to show the scars of the lives that have lived in the building previously.

Ponyride Delivers Opportunities for Local Entrepreneurs

Front of Ponyride. Photograph by Noah Elliot Morrison.

On Vermont St. in Detroit, creative incubator Ponyride offers local organizations and artists room to grow their businesses. Ponyride was started by Phil Cooley, who purchased the building in 2011 for $100,000 to use as a home and woodshop.


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