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The Mirror News is published by the students of Henry Ford College every three weeks September - May, and once in June and once in August. Content is created, edited, and designed by The Mirror News staff, all of whom are students at Henry Ford College. Opinions expressed in the Mirror News, unless otherwise noted, are those of the individual writer, and do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of The Mirror News, Henry Ford College, or its staff.

The Mirror News is a 70 year tradition on the Henry Ford College campus, distributed to nearly 15,000 students, faculty, and staff. Our readership extends throughout the Metro Detroit area, and includes diverse ages and backgrounds. We offer several ad packages and options, with discounts on multi-issue commitments.

Rates are available at: Rate Card for 2016 - 2017

For information on possible discounts and for advertising online, please contact the Business Manager: MirrorBM@hfcc.edu

The appearance of advertisements in the print or electronic versions of The Mirror News does not constitute endorsement by The Mirror News, its staff or advisers, or Henry Ford College.

Campus Map of Henry Ford College showing Newsstand locations for The Mirror News.

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Inquires can be emailed to: editor@hfcc.edu

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