Photo shows students being wrapped up in toilet paper as mummies
Henry Ford College’s “Doom”ocracy
The Halloween-style party was organized to be a fun way to inform students about the upcoming election on Nov. 5 and get them registered to vote.
Promotional image for HFC's production of Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins floats on stage at HFC
The story is about Mary Poppins, a magical nanny who can fly to places with her umbrella. She appears at the door of an unsettled household of a London banker, his very busy suffragette wife, and their mischievous children.
Photo shows volleyball game between HFC Lady Hawks and Saint Clair Community College
Volleyball Highlights
As the fall season ends, the Hawks women’s volleyball team reflects on its ups and downs.
Photo shows a man smelling something in a bottle
Recognizing the Role of Professional Sniffers
Of our five senses, one is commonly taken for granted: smell.
Image of a row of HFC flags, with one upside down. A cartoon reporter in the corner of the image states "In news, someone has displayed the Henry Ford College flag in distress mode. Sources claim this was done in protest over tuition being raised and new fees being added while simultaneously not footing the bill for recycling."
Flag Protest Comic
Comic depicting HFC flag in "distress mode."
Promotional poster for film "Parasite"
Parasite: A Look Inside the Feverish Insanity of Class Warfare
The film’s unpredictable atmosphere is enhanced by cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo’s still and creeping camerawork.