Image of a working Magic Planet device showing a mountain landscape photograph
The Not So Magic Planet
The Hammond Digital Globe, better known as the Magic Planet, has been anything but a success. The black sphere more closely resembles a magic 8-ball then it does a planet.
Image of poster for "Gemini Man" showing Will Smith staring at a younger version of himself
Will Smith vs. Himself
While “Gemini Man” and “Bad Boys for Life” are two different films with nuances to the plots that set them apart, the parallels between them, whether intentional or coincidental, are too uncanny to ignore.
Photo of Jacyln Clark batting for the Hawks Softball team
Hawks Softball: A New Season
The 2020 season does not officially start until the beginning of March, but the team has already had their preseason, and it is off to a good start.
Image shows photo of Kevin Bacon before his death
Dangers of Online Hookups and How to Stay Safe
Dating apps like PlentyofFish, Tinder,’s free version, and OkCupid, however, do not require a background check, and therefore result in higher rates of sexual assault and other crimes that could have been otherwise avoided.
Four-panel comic strip depicting HFC Hawkster riding a Bird Scooter
Hawkster Bird Scooter
Four-panel comic strip depicting HFC Hawkster riding a Bird Scooter
Album artwork for Mac Miller's "Circles"
Swimming in Circles
The entire album was like a lullaby, but one that made me want to stay awake forever. Every song perfectly stemmed from the last, retelling similar stories of survival and resurrection.