Graphic of student before a maze
Transferring from Henry Ford College
Three students: Christie Miller, Makayla Owen, and Basmalah Algahmi share their experiences transferring from Henry Ford College.
Happy 30th Birthday Blizzard graphic
Thirty Years of Blizzard
BlizzCon started in 2005, drawing fans to one of the best cosplay competitions and in house art portfolio critiques. Normally a paid experience, this year’s BlizzCon was completely free for all due to Covid-19.
Graphic of EA Sports NCAA Football
The Negatives and (few) Positives about the Return of EA Sports “NCAA Football”
EA Sports’ “NCAA Football” will be back. New NCAA rules have allowed players to make money off of their likenesses (finally).
Graph showing negative impact on society of Pornhub compared to Twitter and Facebook
The Future of Porn: Growing Porn-Critical Movement
Pornhub is the third most influential tech company in the 21st century, surpassing Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.
Readers chose Mushu to give the COVID-19 vaccine comic
Disneyland COVID-19 Vaccination Station Part 2
Readers chose Mushu to give the COVID-19 vaccine
Leah Lewis as Ellie Chu from "The Half of It" courtesy Netflix
Review of “The Half of It”
In her latest movie “The Half of It” (2020), Wu expands and reminds us of the scope of love that extends beyond labels. "The Half of It" is a coming of age movie that explores different kinds of love through the story of Ellie Chu.