Student nurses from Henry Ford College, Washtenaw Community College and South University traveled to Costa Rica to assist residents in disadvantaged areas and gain experience in medical care.


Henry Ford College English instructor and roller derby athlete, Chelsea Lonsdale, says that it was the diversity of players in roller derby that first attracted her to the sport


Popular ABC drama “Grey’s Anatomy” plays a monumental role in the showcasing of racially charged injustices.

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Ice Mountain water bottle in front of a ski slope in Michigan
Nestle and other corporate giants are in the bittersweet business of profiting off Michigan resources. Why should we allow a foreign billionaire corporation to take from the Great Lakes while it gives little back in return?


Government accountability, freedom of the press and equal rights for women make Steven Spielberg’s 2018 Academy Award nominated film, “The Post,” as relevant today as its true events were in 1971.

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Following January’s infamous E.O., the nation saw an outpouring of support from Americans of diverse religions and races in many major cities standing in protest of the “Muslim ban” and Islamophobia with chants like, “No hate. No fear. Immigrants are welc


Cameron found his experience at HFC helped him to grow: “All I really knew was I wanted to keep playing baseball, and when I came here everything was a step up.” Cameron says that being a Hawks athlete, “really formed me into the player that I turned into