Dr. Stan Jensen, Susan Shunkwiler, and Mayor John B. O'Reilly, Jr.
Though many community colleges have something similar to the SOS program, many of these colleges simply provide referral services. HFC is unique in that it is able to provide more personalized and immediate assistance from the college itself.


"Wedding Glasses" by Mike Benyi
The gallery’s annual Student Art and Design Exhibition features Henry Ford College students and runs through April 13.


Hawks Basketball captain, Diangelo Carlton, in midair driving to dunk a basketball with one hand.
Henry Ford College is home to a lot of great athletes, and Diangelo Carlton is one of the top athletes on the Hawks roster this year.


"Staircase to Nowhere" by Daniela Salgado-Madrid
For students at Henry Ford College and beyond, art is fundamental in expanding​ the capacity of an individual to interact with the world beyond themselves. Providing invaluable tools to do so is important in any field of study.

Health and Science

Dancers bending backward in circle around female dancer twirling on one leg in rehearsal studio.
Diane Mancinelli, the founder and coordinator of the Full Circle Dance Company here at Henry Ford College spoke recently regarding her work and passion for dance, and the many benefits that dance provides.


Film scene from "Get Out" with the main character at an outdoor dinner party.
Written and directed by comedian Jordan Peele, “Get Out” is no ordinary horror film. It is a creatively constructed harrowing yet satirical multi-layered piece of social commentary focusing on race relations in America.

Student Life

Steve Mccormick and Robert Speeks in dueling chainsaws competition at Plymouth Ice Festival
HFC ice carvers won three of six competitions. Mark Tampakes and Steve McCormick won the team competition carving an abstract figure entitled, “Invisible Touch.” Jayme Slais and Robert Speeks took third place...

Alumni News

Shahid Mohammad walking off stage with close up of three of his film awards on stage.
Henry Ford College alumnus, Shahid Mohammad, has won five international film festival awards -- all for a play entitled “Angel’s Night” that he wrote while he was a student in a Media Writing class with HFC’s director of Telecommunications, Susan McGraw.