Presidential Candidate Donald Trump stands in front of an American flag.
I had reached out to the Republican Party of Genesee and Saginaw County to see if I could attend Donald Trump’s event in Birch Run at their Expo Center. I did not expect the answer to be yes.


Bronze statue of woman dancing with animals.
The Detroit Institute of Arts is offering an exhibition called “Dance! American Art 1830-1960.” The DIA opened this display on March 20 and it will run until June 12. The museum is presenting 90 works from various artists on 19th and 20th century dance.


Two men in wresting singlets stand in front of stands where a crowd looks on. A referee, standing behind one of the wrestlers, is raising the hand of the Hawks player.
Wrestling will be added as a varsity sport at HFC next season....Hawks wrestling has had plenty of success as a club team over the past two years, with six national qualifiers in its first season, and seven of them last season.


A brick building has black and white paintings of a goat and a ram in suits and ties. They have forks holding up bundles of cash.
Too often in the media’s portrayal of Detroit are we bombarded with images of decay, blight and despair. Images of entire neighborhoods, rotting and dilapidated, with homes charred and festering from neglect and arson have become the norm.

Health and Science

Ashley McPherson hold her son on her hip, standing in front of her kitchen and looking at a reporter.
On February 2, HFC sent out an e-mail to all students and faculty announcing three new rooms dedicated to lactating and breastfeeding mothers who are attending the college. The rooms, located in the Liberal Arts Building, Welcome Center...


Confetti flies down from the ceiling inside a large concert hall. The crowd inside raises there hands up. Lights shine from the stage as a band plays.
When hearing the term “electronic dance music,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some, it may be the most popular DJs or electronic musicians of today, such as Bassnectar, Skrillex, Daft Punk, and Deadmau5.

Career Corner

When most people prepare for an interview, they spend a large portion of their time thinking about how they might answer questions, what to wear, and what they want to convey about themselves. Few people stop to consider what their body language is saying

Counseling Corner

Mental fitness and emotional health go hand in hand. Research shows that mentally fit people are in tune with their thoughts and can recognize how their thoughts influence their emotions, choices, and behaviors.