Close up of pencil checking a checkbox on a voting ballot.
Student Council holds meetings and listens to student ideas and concerns, and then addresses some of the student comments with the appropriate college personnel in order to usher positive change on campus. The elections will take place from November 7-11.


Close up of two Buddha statues in wooden chairs facing each other.
Facing numerous arsons, demolitions and public outcry over the value of the art installation, Tyree Guyton has garnered worldwide attention for this piece, which places urban blight and other issues that plague the urban landscape into the forefront...


Photo of Hawks girls volleyball players watching the net while opposing team jumps toward the net.
After three years, Henry Ford College has brought back its volleyball team. The team will be headed by Coach Rosemary Motamedi and is competing this fall as part of the Michigan Community College Athletic Association.


Photos of eight U.S. Supreme Court Justices
The country can expect to see the Court continue its struggle to function, for as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “Eight is not a good number.”

Health and Science

Koi Pond outside Belle Isle Conservatory
It turns out, a lot of people in metro Detroit have never been to Belle Isle. Do yourself a favor and drive 30 minutes down the road for a nice little getaway.

Career Corner

The Career Resource Center (CRC) is a joint project between the HFC Counseling Division and the Career Services Office.

Counseling Corner

Summer sessions are a great opportunity to rest and play but also to give back to others in the form of service.