Two people of the medical crew examining the anatomy of human body using the anatomage table through a touchscreen that allows them to zoom in and move the 3D figure of the human body.
A state of the art virtual cadaver, known as an Anatomage Table provides Henry Ford College anatomy and physiology students a chance to experience the beauty of the human body in 3D.


Seven cyclers racing at the Lexus Velodrome cycling track.
Opened on Jan. 26, the 64,000 sq. ft. multi-sport complex brings competitive Olympic style track cycling to the forefront of local sports.


A hawk Ice skating goal tender wearing a mask and protecting the goal
Behind the mask of a goalie is a relentless, fierce athlete in a solitary position relying on his intense mental focus, speed and power to rob his opponent and not let his team down


Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 10 “Personal Jesus” courtesy ABC
Popular ABC drama “Grey’s Anatomy” plays a monumental role in the showcasing of racially charged injustices.

Health and Science

Ice Mountain water bottle in front of a ski slope in Michigan
Nestle and other corporate giants are in the bittersweet business of profiting off Michigan resources. Why should we allow a foreign billionaire corporation to take from the Great Lakes while it gives little back in return?


Student Life

In the aftermath following the recent protests that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, many institutions along with Henry Ford College has partnered with Maxient, a college behavior records software company, in an initiative called #DearYoungPerson.


Dan Cameron the catcher for the Hawks baseball team in the field
Cameron found his experience at HFC helped him to grow: “All I really knew was I wanted to keep playing baseball, and when I came here everything was a step up.” Cameron says that being a Hawks athlete, “really formed me into the player that I turned into