Section 230 infographic courtesy
Section 230 and Big Tech
CEOs of all three tech giants--Facebook, Google, and Twitter- appeared in front of Congress in a virtual hearing, part of the ongoing debate over Section 230 and Internet communication regulations.
Shelves of comic books at Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan
Covid-19 Effects on Local Comic Shops
Two of the most well-known comic book shops in Wayne County are Green Brain Comics in Dearborn and Vault of Midnight in Detroit. Each of these stores have responded to Covid-19 in unique ways.
Graphic of EA Sports NCAA Football
The Negatives and (few) Positives about the Return of EA Sports “NCAA Football”
EA Sports’ “NCAA Football” will be back. New NCAA rules have allowed players to make money off of their likenesses (finally).
Larkspur Conservation, at Taylor Hollow, Nashville, TN. COURTESY OF THE GREEN BURIAL COUNCIL
The Rise of the Green Death
In an attempt to better the relationship between our environment and our inevitable demise, many are looking to greener corpse solutions, and they’re becoming more popular.
Comic of COVID recess haz-mat suits for pre-school children
Recess during the pandemic
Pre-school children in new COVID haz mat suits to wear during recess.
Utopia courtesy Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime’s “Utopia” (2020) has been criticized for being far too timely, and not in the good way.