Photo of Chief Judge Sam Salamey 19th District Court in Dearborn, Michigan. Photo courtesy
Interview with Judge Sam Salamey First Arab American and Muslim Chief Judge of the 19th District Court
In January, Sam Salamey was appointed Chief Judge of the 19th District Court in Dearborn by the Michigan Supreme Court.
Stock image tabletop game courtesy Getty Images
Tabletop Gaming Comes to Downriver with The 8th Side
For years players of tabletop games in metro Detroit’s downriver area have had to rely on traveling to friends’ houses or out of the area to enjoy the games they want to play. The 8th Side combines gaming with food.
Detroit Pistons point guard Jaden Ivey making a dunk. Photo courtesy Getty Images
Will The Detroit Pistons Ever Get Beyond Rebuilding?
The Detroit Pistons have made the playoffs only twice in the last 13 seasons. They were eliminated in their two playoff appearances in the first round, winning zero playoff games. In the last 14 seasons, the Pistons have had a winning record once.
Photo courtesy Association for Psychological Science
“Magic Mushrooms” Offer Promising Outcomes for Psychedelic Therapy
After decades of inactivity, scientific research on psychedelic drugs is resuming and gaining popularity.
Comic of Chat GPT Taking Jobs by Edgar Gutierrez
Chat GPT Taking Jobs
Comic of lil' Hawkster applying for a job that gets taken by ChatGPT
Array of snacks purchased from BP gas station on Ford Road in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Photo by Ali Seblini.
What are the best gas station snacks?
Gas stations in metro Detroit are a popular snack destination for many people on the go, offering not only fuel for their vehicles but also a wide selection of snacks to satisfy their cravings.