Mirror News staff pictured at 2018 MCCPA conference at Central Michigan University.
Henry Ford College student newspaper The Mirror News received 16 awards at the 2018 Michigan Community College Press Association conference held at Central Michigan University.


HFC actors Lee Denderson and Dakota Nuttal character names Thomas and Ethel Rodgers in the “And Then There Were None" play
When 10 strangers receive an invitation to attend a mansion party at Soldier Island from an unknown host, they quickly realize this isn’t the event they were expecting. With their mysterious host nowhere to be found, one by one the guests are murdered.


Seven cyclers racing at the Lexus Velodrome cycling track.
Opened on Jan. 26, the 64,000 sq. ft. multi-sport complex brings competitive Olympic style track cycling to the forefront of local sports.


Multiple of images of clothes titled "What Really Happens to the Clothes You Donate?"
If we are given more awareness on where our donated clothing goes, we may be more inclined to reconsider our next shopping spree.

Health and Science

Ice Mountain water bottle in front of a ski slope in Michigan
Nestle and other corporate giants are in the bittersweet business of profiting off Michigan resources. Why should we allow a foreign billionaire corporation to take from the Great Lakes while it gives little back in return?


Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in “Tomb-Raider” holding a bow and arrow
With a current total of 17 video games and the release of the third movie on March 16, the franchise has undergone quite the change.

Student Life

Close up of hands using American Sign Language
After two months of weekly meetings, the new student club hosted their first “Silent Lunch,” a fundraiser held in HFC’s student-run restaurant, “Fifty One-O-One.”


Handwritten Islamophobia on note paper.
Representing a diverse student body at a welcoming college in a free and democratic society, we at the Mirror News strongly condemn intolerance of any kind.