A brick wall displays a sign that has four symbols: a stick figure in pants typically denoting the male gender, a stick figure in a dress typically denoting the female gender, a stick figure that is wearing pants on one side and a dress on the other, and the stick figure denoting accessibility. The text on the sign notes it is a restroom and, "anyone can use this restroom, regardless of gender identity or expression".
Since as early as 2012, colleges and universities across America have been installing what are called unisex restrooms on their campuses.


A big, bold theater marque displays, "Redford" in large red letters. It advertises showings of Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep.
Thankfully, the Redford Theater was fought for and recovered before irreparable damage was made. The theater’s architecture was originally Japanese, the inside adorned with beautiful oriental murals and paintings.


Construction site of Little Caesars Arena in Detroit
In 1982 Mike and Marian Ilitch bought the struggling Detroit Red Wings for $8 million, which at the time were nicknamed the “Dead Wings” due to the poor performances and lack of playoff appearances.


Abandoned business and blighted building on street in Detroit.
The two cities lie on opposite ends of the country, but their origins, hardships, and even demographics bind their stories together.

Health and Science

Ashley McPherson hold her son on her hip, standing in front of her kitchen and looking at a reporter.
On February 2, HFC sent out an e-mail to all students and faculty announcing three new rooms dedicated to lactating and breastfeeding mothers who are attending the college. The rooms, located in the Liberal Arts Building, Welcome Center...


Gray heads of six main characters of Game of Thrones with eyes closed in dark recesses in a row on a stone wall.
For the first time since the HBO series began, readers of George R.R. Martin’s best selling series "A Song of Ice and Fire" are no better off than those who watch Game of Thrones unsullied.

Career Corner

Searching for a job can be challenging for students who are still taking classes at the college level.

Counseling Corner

Summer sessions are a great opportunity to rest and play but also to give back to others in the form of service.