Photo of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos at a congressional hearing
Controversy Arises over Title IX Proposals
The Trump Administration has reversed over twenty Obama-era anti-discrimination policies and guidelines, including those of Title IX, where victim and transgender protections have been lifted.
Image of Helen Zughaib's "Syrian Migration"
The Far Shore: Navigating Homelands Exhibit — Fusion of Arab Culture, Art, and Poetry
These immigrant stories capture the essence of various migrations, across shifting borders and changing identities.
Photo of basketball player Josh Mann
Former Hawks Basketball Player Goes Pro Overseas
Playing overseas has been a challenge for Mann from the language barrier to slight differences in the tactics used on the court. One thing that does translate however is the love of playing basketball.
Photo of a goose chasing a student
“The Feathered Threat” or “Getting Goosed on Campus”
Their taunts and jeering can be heard around the clock. They invade our bushes and flower beds. They litter relentlessly. They crowd the walkways connecting our fair campus, and they will attack without provocation or regard for the sanctity of life.
Two-panel comic strip depicting a Canadian goose as an HFC security guard
Goose Hired as Security at Henry Ford College
Two-panel comic strip depicting a Canadian goose as an HFC security guard
Poster for Pet Sematary
"Pet Sematary": The Remake
While the new “Pet Sematary” brings back some of the thrills and scares of the older adaptation and the book, it takes liberties in the retelling of the original story and offers up new and interesting twists and turns.