Graphic of people wearing surgical masks superimposed over the HFC campus
Henry Ford College Responds to COVID-19
The impact caused by these operational changes, as well as the non-academic changes, has been noticeable to students and faculty alike.
Photo shows a young woman sketching on a piece of paper
Moving Online with Hands-on Learning at HFC
For many classes, the resources needed to continue the semester “as normal” would be too expensive to buy and/or find within a household.
Photo shows a man wearing a surgical mask sitting alone in an empty stadium
The Disappearance of Sports
For those student athletes who are sophomores and are transferring from HFC to another college, they will never get their final season back.
Graphic showing early polling results for Trump and Biden in key states
Race for the Oval Office
Under extraordinary circumstances, the stage is set and the two septuagenarians with dramatically different leadership styles and approaches to the issues that matter most to the electorate will battle it out.
Three-panel comic depicting HFC goose and student
HFC's Goose Problem
Three-panel comic depicting HFC goose and student
Person of Interest poster courtesy of Netflix
Goodbye, P.O.I.: Netflix’s Most Underrated Show and the Sad Future of Streaming
“Person of Interest” is the best show you’ve never heard of. Unfortunately, this show was removed from Netflix on Sept. 22. Fans will be forced to join HBO Max to continue watching their beloved drama. This is surprising, but not unusual.