Screenshot of the Detroit News webpage
Instructor Accused of Islamophobia
The student, Ali Jaber, 26, of Dearborn Heights, claims his Introduction to Business professor launched an “Islamophobic rant” after Jaber asked for assistance with a Facebook page promoting Lebanon.
Photo shows a cart full of thrift shop purchases
Nifty Thrifty or Popping Tags
Macklemore may have had a hand in reviving the modern “Thrift Store” but the act of donating or repurposing clothing and goods is nothing new.
Photo shows HFC President Russell Kavalhuna and his son participating in the Turkey Trot
Turkey Trot Fundraiser at Henry Ford College
Runners expressed that there was not a dull moment because in between uneasy breathing and wiping sweat and tears off your face, you could take in all the red and orange views of the beautiful Michigan fall trees.
Image of Lil Peep
Posthumous Releases: When Does Appreciation Become Commercialization?
If the show is willing to continue without the main act, an indisputable gap is elicited between creator and creation as they are unable to witness the result of their efforts.
Image of a row of HFC flags, with one upside down. A cartoon reporter in the corner of the image states "In news, someone has displayed the Henry Ford College flag in distress mode. Sources claim this was done in protest over tuition being raised and new fees being added while simultaneously not footing the bill for recycling."
Flag Protest Comic
Comic depicting HFC flag in "distress mode."
Image shows part of the cast from "The Irishman"
"The Irishman:" An Ozymandian Tale of Blood and Betrayal
Many potential viewers may be intimidated by the three hour and thirty minute runtime, but the film is so beautifully directed that it’s hard to even notice.