Photograph of Army Veteran Ed Stokes and Marine Veteran Student Jeremiah Flores
Though veteran students may struggle more academically than the general student population, they also have high levels of grit, discipline, determination and motivation.


Photograph of Wasserman Projects' gallery
The gallery’s mission is to provide a welcoming environment for all walks of life whether they be art collectors or just residents looking to gain culture.


Photograph of the Statue of Liberty
What Trump suggests is that children born here should be beholden to their parents’ crimes, children who have not crossed the border illegally, children who have committed no crimes of their own, should have their rights stripped away from them.


The wide scope and broad focus of “Bohemian Rhapsody” the film is exactly where it (unlike the song) falls flat.

Student Life

Shelf full of work by Paul Latour
For the past 43 years Detroit has held one of the nation’s largest ceramic-only craft fairs, the annual Potters Market.


Photo of white nationalist, Richard Spencer.
While the First Amendment is held in high regard, the principle of free-speech is politicized. Individuals and groups find themselves on opposing ends of a polarized spectrum.