Fish twisted by plastic ring photo by Jim Bodenstab, Mexico Bay July 2011
A Conversation with Microplastic Researcher Dr. Sherri “Sam” Mason
Through her work, Mason researches plastic prevalence in the Great Lakes to advocate for awareness of microplastics as a growing problem to our environment and health.
Photo of beer bread with a glass of beer on a cutting board
2020: The Crustiest Year
This year has been an especially stressful year. And I’m not sure if this applies to some of those who are reading this, but when I’m stressed I end up baking.
Hawks Athletics logo
Hawks Athletics During the Pandemic
The schedules for both seasons will almost fit together like pieces of a puzzle, allowing for two seasons to happen at once with little increased risk.
Graphic outlining steps to applying for unemployment in Michigan
Effect of Pandemic on Students who are Laid Off from Jobs
Some students before COVID-19 may have been living paycheck to paycheck through part-time jobs, or been hired for on-campus work.
Three-panel comic that is spoof of the movie "Bird Box" using HFC's Hawkster
Bird Box
Three-panel comic that is spoof of the movie "Bird Box" using HFC's Hawkster.
Image from animated series Blood of Zeus courtesy Netflix
Review of "Blood of Zeus"
The film industry has always had an interest and expressiveness with Greek mythology. Netflix has decided to try their hands at telling these tales with the new original anime, “The Blood of Zeus.”