Photo of different covers of "The Fifth Estate" newspaper.
As a 17-year-old from Detroit, Ovshinsky visited Los Angeles and worked at the L.A. Free Press, the first underground newspaper... Inspired by his time at the underground paper, Ovshinsky returned to Detroit and in 1965 created “The Fifth Estate."


Close up of two Buddha statues in wooden chairs facing each other.
Facing numerous arsons, demolitions and public outcry over the value of the art installation, Tyree Guyton has garnered worldwide attention for this piece, which places urban blight and other issues that plague the urban landscape into the forefront...


Photo of Hawks girls volleyball players watching the net while opposing team jumps toward the net.
After three years, Henry Ford College has brought back its volleyball team. The team will be headed by Coach Rosemary Motamedi and is competing this fall as part of the Michigan Community College Athletic Association.


Illustration of groom and bride standing in front of a large Canadian flag.
In preparation for this impending doom, I’ve planned my escape. Our northern neighbor, with its free healthcare and progressive prime minister, seems the most logical sanctuary.

Health and Science

Koi Pond outside Belle Isle Conservatory
It turns out, a lot of people in metro Detroit have never been to Belle Isle. Do yourself a favor and drive 30 minutes down the road for a nice little getaway.


Photo of interior of Sheeba restaurant showing patrons escorted by the host to their seats.
Dearborn is known for its many Middle Eastern restaurants. Sheeba is one of the few traditional Yemeni restaurants. The Aljahmi brothers deliver a unique type of Arabic food, and they do it well.

Career Corner

Searching for a job can be challenging for students who are still taking classes at the college level.

Counseling Corner

At the age of fourteen, Vega's father died and he had nowhere to go. He was homeless.