Internationally Renown Pottery in Detroit

Several titles in several cool, blue colors are laid in grout. One tile has the letters spelling 'pewabic' in a circle.

Pewabic Pottery was established in 1903 by Mary Chase Perry Stratton and is located on Jefferson Avenue in downtown Detroit.

Black History All Year

Interior of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Sunlight pours in from overhead in a hallway curving to the right.

In honor of Black History Month, the Mirror News sent two reporters to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit. Freelancer, Josh Abeare, and I went.

Robots To Invade Eastern Market

A building made of brick, who's blue paint is worn away in areas, has plywood covering one of the entrances.

Eastern Market is going to be invaded by robots. Robots, books, tutors, and school kids.

Greek Pottery Gets Modernized

Most people fail to see a connection between the arts and sciences – seeing the arts as more emotional and the sciences as being all about what’s in your head.

Arab American Museum Celebrates Ten Years

The Arab American national museum is holding the TEN exhibit to commemorate ten years of existence. The museum is located on Michigan Avenue near Schaefer in the center of East Dearborn.

HFC Student Receives Five Film Awards On the Path To Finding Himself

Shahid Mohammad standing in front of the Liberal Arts building holding his film award.

Henry Ford College alumnus, Shahid Mohammad, has won five international film festival awards -- all for a play entitled “Angel’s Night” that he wrote while he was a student in a Media Writing class with HFC’s director of Telecommunications, Susan McGra

Art in the Hart Sisters

Victoria and Sophia Hart are sisters and also Art Foundation majors at HFC. Victoria is twenty-two and Sophia is nineteen. I sat down with both for an interview.

Mirror News: What’s family life like?

Why Hispanic Heritage Matters

Those of us fortunate enough to be a part of a community that is diverse in its population have been hearing a lot about Hispanic Heritage Month recently.

Danny Thomas Exhibit: Entertaining Humanitarian Ideals

The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn is presenting an exhibit based on movie star and philanthropist Danny Thomas which runs until May 8.

Writing to a Better Detroit

Logo for Write A House Detroit

It is no secret that Detroit has been on a steady decline for many years. Recently citizens and organizations have been more determined than ever to revitalize Detroit.


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