The Culture Lab Presents Gary Simmons

Photo of the artist Gary Simmons in front of his wall of colorful fly posters each with a Detroit theme.

On September 15 of this year, Culture Lab Detroit and the Museum of Contemporary Art located in Detroit, ushered in their newest art installation by artist Gary Simmons in the historic Cary building on 1301 Broadway Avenue.

Old Car Festival in Dearborn

Photo of classic convertible 1930s car painted aqua blue with whitewall tires

On September 10 and 11, The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village held its 66th annual old car festival. Showcased were 780 vehicles registered from the years 1880-1932 with 680 cars and 100 classic bikes.

Detroit Student Art Exhibit at the DIA

Photo of Picasso style collage of African American face with other faces folded in.

Hopefully you visited the Detroit Institute of Arts lately and experienced the 79th Annual Student Art Exhibition of Detroit high school students. The museum showcased their pieces and honored their artwork from April 30 through June 5.

Rocking, Rolling, Ebbing and Flowing

Attempting to assert the demise of something subjective like rock and roll is a mountainous controversial claim to prove. Flea has tried to do so in a recent interview with Mike Mccready by expressing that rock and roll is dead.

Duality in Detroit’s Americana

White painted house with animals on front lawn.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit (MOCAD) is offering a series of work titled “Uncalibrated” by Nancy Mitchnick. She was born in Detroit in 1947 and started her art career at the age of twenty.

Carry Your Home: New Exhibit at AANM

Anthropology book carried by Haifa Al-Habeeb, photographed by Jim Lommasson. Al-Habeeb’s Arabic calligraphy over the photo reads: “Alas is today similar to yesterday? Despair, sickness, and foreignness, will my tomorrow be like my yesterday?”

Tim O’ Brien’s “The Things They Carried” follows the lives of soldiers who carry mementos with them into war that reminded them of their homes.

Nina Sofia at Simon’s After Dark

Nina Sofia on stage with her guitar.

One particularly boring Thursday evening I sat, ready to settle in for another quiet weeknight with a buffalo chicken pizza and a season of Nurse Jackie.

Melanie Martinez Crybaby Concert

Melanie Martinez promotional photo wearing pink birthday dress with a birthday hat, but pouting.

It was March 20, a chilly yet sunny Sunday evening where I stood in line very skeptical of how the Crybaby concert was going to be. Some may know Melanie Martinez from the popular singing competition show, The Voice.

Urban Art Revitalization in “Banglatown”

Skateboard ramp with pink and blue graffiti.

There is a counter culture urban revitalization of sorts going on in run down areas.

Painting Extreme Body Art: Questioning Body Norms

The cultures behind the reasons that humans have tried to modify their bodies are truly fascinating. In recent years in America, the sub-culture behind body modifications combine the extreme with images of the self.


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