HFC’s “The Diviners” Entered in the Kennedy Center Festival

Henry Ford College’s theatre program is holding performances of “The Diviners” throughout the month of April. The play is written by Jim Leonard Jr. and directed by Mary Bremer Beer.

N’namdi Gallery in Detroit

Carole Harris painting "Reveal:Conceal:Conceal:Reveal"

The N’namdi Center for Contemporary Art in Detroit off of East Forest Avenue is currently displaying the works by Allie Mcghee, Carole Harris, and Antonio Carreno. There was an opening night for the exhibitions on April 15 to usher in the artwork.

Annual Student Art Exhibition

Each year the art department at Henry Ford College puts on their Annual Student Art Exhibition and the Graduating Student Art Show. This year the department gave first, second, and third place awards, as well as honorable mentions.

Anatomy of Learning to Paint: Extreme Body Art

Sketch of girl extreme body modifications

More and more of today’s youth are turning toward body modification to express themselves. Common trends are earlobe gauging, getting body piercings such as nose rings or tongue rings, or getting tattoos.

Fulfilling a Scholarly Dream: A Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

Calligraphy of Sophia Rose Hart

Many students have the dream of one day being able to study abroad in a different country while in college. During high school I was one of those students who couldn’t wait to learn outside of the United States, and to travel in general.

The Tattoo: The Most Personal Art Form

A tattoo artist works on a tattoo on the back of someone's calf area.

Although tattoo culture is emerging in the world as something beyond the stigma of socio-economic and criminal stereotypes, it is still highly polarized in regards to its acceptance.

DIA Offers the Chance to Explore American Dancing

Statue of woman dancing with animals.

The Detroit Institute of Arts is offering an exhibition called “Dance! American Art 1830-1960.” The DIA opened this display on March 20 and it will run until June 12.

Homelessness Radio Marathon

On February 17, Henry Ford College’s WHFR participated in the 18th annual national homelessness radio marathon to raise awareness of homelessness not just in the metro-Detroit area, but throughout the nation.

Diego Rivera and the Detroit Industry Murals

Diego Rivera mural

As an art major interested in becoming a muralist, I feel fortunate to be studying in Metro Detroit, which has become the canvas for some of the world’s greatest mural artists.

Slam Poetry Contest Donates to Syrian Refugees

Red feather inkwell pen.

Seniors from Fordson High School’s Arab Student Union (ASU), Book Club, and National Honor Society collaborated to organize a Slam Poetry competition on February 26 for their senior project.


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