Hawks Expend All Their Energy, Take Lead But Can't Keep It

Life Line Offers Awards for Essays

Calkins, Jacobs Meet With Michigan Politicians

Companies Lacking, Hagemeyer Discoveries

Quarter Fee

Establish New Service to Potential of Alumni's Children

Dr. Albert Ammerman Advances

(Untitled) Jenny Cyers/Sports

No Longer Silent about Domestic Violence

The month of October is dedicated to spreading awareness of domestic violence and those who are or have been victims of it.

Local Group Fights Evictions

Wayne County is facing one of the largest foreclosures in the nation’s history, with the city of Detroit being hit the worst. The 2008 financial crisis has made foreclosures and evictions all too common in many neighborhoods. The shame and isolation that many feel when having to face eviction can be crippling, but community groups and labor unions are banning together to fight for people struggling to keep their homes.


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