Parking at HFC

A person with their back to the viewer throws their arms over their head as they stand next to their car. A second car has cut in behind very close and the driver on that vehicle has stepped out.

It was early in the morning when Cheryl Smith arrived on the HFC campus. She pulled into the parking lot, hoping to find a space close to her class. There was a loud screech and then Smith was hit by a silver car pulling out of a space.

Mayor Duggan Challenges Marathon Oil

Aerial picture of the Marathon Michigan Oil Refinery

During the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality meeting on January 28, 2016, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan promised to sue The Marathon Oil company if it is granted a permit to increase emissions in its southwest Detroit location, making his declar

Nine HFC Students Win Statewide Awards

Group picture of LAND student award winners.

On February 10 through 12, the Liberal Arts Network for Development, also known as LAND, held its conference in Grand Rapids, where nine HFC students received awards and recognition for their research and art.

The High Price of Cheating

Cheating has always been a concern for educators. However, with the steady rise in technology, students have found new, innovative ways to cheat in their classes. With the increase in online courses and education, a new market has developed.

Highlights of the Auto Show

The season of the North American International Auto Show always offers some promising new concept or continuation. This year didn’t fall short of expectations.

Veterans of Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq Speak at HFC

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015 HFC’s History Department hosted a special event. Students were invited to attend; this was also open to the public. This was an informational session; this was hosted in honor of Veterans Day.

Remembering Sir Michael Berry

Metro Detroit has lost a great leader. At the age of 95, Sir Michael Berry has passed but leaves a very long and successful legacy that will remain imprinted in this community for generations to come.

Only During Halloween: Haunted Asylum in Northville

Any other time of the year, people pass an old, abandoned hospital or warehouse without a thought about the story behind it or what possibly lurks within it at night. However, around Halloween time, everything suddenly becomes spookier.

Bigotry Outside Dearborn

On Monday morning of September 14, many high school students were settling into their homerooms, complaining of their early rise, and reminiscing of their weekend adventures. This is true for almost every high school student. Except for Ahmed Mohamed.

City of Sterling Heights Denies Building Of Mosque

The term ‘Muslim’ in the 21st century holds quite the stigma in America. After numerous protests and rallies, the controversy has spread to the city of Sterling Heights, MI.


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