The Road to Nationals

Goalie doing splits to stop goal.

The road to the college roller hockey national championship in Fargo, North Dakota, was not initially in the picture for the Henry Ford College roller hockey team.

Lexus Velodrome brings Olympic Cycling to Detroit

Seven cyclers racing at the Lexus Velodrome cycling track.

The Lexus Velodrome, located near Eastern Market at I-75 and Mack, offers Detroiters an exciting new fitness opportunity and a unique family-friendly entertainment venue in which to spend their Saturday nights. Opened on Jan. 26, the 64,000 sq. ft.

Hawks Winter Recap

Henry Ford College Hawks Athletics logo

The Henry Ford Hawks had a great winter season in which they saw all three teams perform far above expectations by all making the playoffs.

Behind the Mask of a Goaltender

A hawk Ice skating goal tender wearing a mask and protecting the goal

I began ice skating at 2 and began playing ice hockey as soon as I could skate. I would always beg my mom and dad to let me sub in as goalie for one of my hockey games because I initially started out as a player.

Roller Derby Redefines What it Means to Be an Athlete

Women playing in a roller derby game.

Henry Ford College English instructor and roller derby athlete, Chelsea Lonsdale, says that it was the diversity of players in roller derby that first attracted her to the sport: “I liked that derby included all kinds of women, all ages and sizes and b

Hawks Look to Conference Finals

Hawks Basketball 2017-2018 courtesy Hawks Athletics

The Henry Ford Hawks basketball team has a new coach and looks like a brand-new team. The Hawks are currently ranked 17 in Division two of the National Junior Athletic Association.

The One and Done

NBA logo next to NCAA logo

Starting in 2006, the NBA implemented a rule that any player must be at least 19 years old to be drafted to the NBA.

Tigers Season Preview

The Detroit Tigers baseball season has just started and the boys of summer are looking to take over the top spot in the American League Central. Last season the Tigers finished outside of the playoffs for a second straight year.

Field of Dreams for Detroit Youth

Willie Horton Field of Dreams drawing of future stadium

Baseball will once again be played at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull in Detroit.

Changes to Winter Olympics

On Feb. 8, the Winter Olympics begin in Pyeongchang, South Korea, with curling and ski jumping. The opening ceremonies will be aired in the U.S. on Feb. 9 on NBC.


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