COVID-19’s Impact on College Sports

As we all know, the shockwave known as the coronavirus has impacted not only people in our community, but people all over the country, and all over the world.

The Disappearance of Sports

Photo shows a man wearing a surgical mask sitting alone in an empty stadium

As everyone is aware, the coronavirus has affected everyone’s lives, all in different ways. For many athletes, this has meant the end of their season even before it began.

The Importance of Athletic Trainers

Image shows an athletic trainer working on an athlete

Athletes know there are risks while they are playing the sport that they love. Sometimes, these risks can be small, such as jamming a finger. Other times, it can be a career ending or even a potentially life-threatening injury.

Hawks Softball: A New Season

Photo of Jacyln Clark batting for the Hawks Softball team

As the new year begins, that means that it is almost time for softball season to start. At the end of the 2019 season, the Henry Ford College Hawks women’s softball team finished 15-25 overall, and 9-19 in their conference.

Henry Ford College’s Newest Coach

Image shows a headshot of Henry Ford College volleyball coach Shannon Braun

As of January 2020, Shannon Braun is the head volleyball coach for the 2020-21 season.

Retaining College Players and Coaches

Image of Henry Ford College logo

When making the transition from playing high school sports to playing in college, there is a bigger commitment than there was before.

Turkey Trot Fundraiser at Henry Ford College

Photo shows HFC President Russell Kavalhuna and his son participating in the Turkey Trot

Henry Ford College held a Turkey Trot fundraiser on Nov. 9 on its main campus in Dearborn. The run/walk included both a one mile race and 5K.

Volleyball Highlights

Photo shows volleyball game between HFC Lady Hawks and Saint Clair Community College

As the fall season ends, the Hawks women’s volleyball team reflects on its ups and downs.

Rise of College ESports

Photo shows a League of Legends World Championship

Colleges are increasingly adding esports to their athletic programs.

Sticking the Axe

Photo of Jessica Schrader throwing an axe at Detroit Axe

Have you been binge watching Game of Thrones? Getting over a breakup? Or maybe you just crave to feel the weight of an axe in your hand, and to hear the thunk of it being thrown against a wooden target.


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