Politics in the Classroom

American colleges have become places where students expect to be able to freely voice their political opinions. In the 1960s, during the Vietnam war, students had rallies and sit-ins at campuses to protest the war.


Despite only having been in office for a matter of weeks, the Trump administration’s flurry of activity already indicates grim developments on the horizon.

Free Tuition in New York

There is a plan for free tuition in the works to begin Fall 2017. Back when Senator Bernie Sanders was a Democratic candidate for the presidency, he proposed a plan to cover the cost of university tuition for low-income families.

A Poll Tax By Any Other Name

On Dec. 7, 2016, the Michigan House passed a piece of legislation requiring photo identification to vote, joining seven other states with similar laws.

Unraveling the Cornrows

Flicking through television channels, I came across a scene from an episode of Rob and Chyna, the latest spin off of the “reality” television show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” In the scene, reality TV star Kim Kardashian was teaching her brother

Why I am Marrying a Canadian

Illustration of groom and bride standing in front of a large Canadian flag.

There was a time, back in grade school, when I believed in democracy; a time I had faith in the American public and their ability to elect competent leaders. That time has since passed.

Who Are the White Helmets?

Movie poster for the documentary, The White Helmets.

The White Helmets have not received the amount of attention they deserve for their many accomplishments, and they are rarely acknowledged by news outlets when tragedy hits.

Kaepernick Takes a Seat For Justice

Photo of American flag on a flag pole

Once you make it to the NFL, you’re bound to be on TV excessively throughout your career. These American football players have taken on a path in life that is under the spotlight and media’s eye every step of the way.

First They Come For the Gossipers

Illustration of woman stomping on Bill of Rights with Freedom of Press being torn off.

“Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news.”

For more than 13 years, this maxim guided the reporting of Gawker, a blog known for its youthful and snarky take on everything from celebrity scandals to politics to fast food.

The Vice Presidential Debate: 90 Minutes I’ll Never Get Back

Screenshot of Tim Kaine and Mike Pence during televised Vice Presidential debate.

On Tuesday, Oct.


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