Did Hillary Really Win the Debates?

In the almost brutish melee that we call the American political system, this particular presidential race has been nothing short of controversial, engaging, and entertaining. To anyone with any access to the media, we are being bombarded with constant images of rhetoric that are harmful to certain groups of people. The most recent televised political event was the Democratic Primary debate.

Beauty and the Blight

A bench sits in front of the side of a brick building, which has a very detailed mural of a woman's face, covered by layers of other paintings, bright and colorful.

Too often in the media’s portrayal of Detroit are we bombarded with images of decay, blight and despair. Images of entire neighborhoods, rotting and dilapidated, with homes charred and festering from neglect and arson have become the norm.

On Sex

Hey Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone

HFCC Debate - More than an Argument

Sex, ties, and Jesus sandals

MLK Jr. Inspired Internet Address Fuels Hatred Istead of Hope

Organization is Important


Who Reads Rate My Professor?

There are a few resources most students swear by; Google, cliffnotes, and Rate my Professor.

There are a few resources most teachers swear by; Google, their emails, and not Rate My Professor.


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