Importance of Student Campus Jobs

Infographic showing that 7 out of 10 students feel stressed about their finances and outlining the primary source of funding for students

A part-time job can help students become better and get a jump on their career track. There are many benefits to working on campus while attending college. Students who work on campus have a higher chance of persisting in their studies.

Oil Drilling May Destroy America’s Final Frontier

A polar bear keeps close to her young along the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 injected new life into Republicans who believe that the United States government should lift the law set by Congress to protect over 35 thousand square miles of land.

Family Separation and the Caravan: Trump's History with Immigration

Photograph of the Statue of Liberty

In Trump’s latest phase of his self declared war against illegal immigration, he and his administration announced late last month that they were in the process of drafting a new executive order to revoke the constitutionally protected right to birthrig

Why Young Voters Matter this Nov. 6

Vote Nov. 6 buttons

Young voters, ranging from ages 18-29, neglect their responsibility to cast their ballots. According to the United States Census, in the 2016 presidential election only 46.1 percent of millennials who were registered to vote did.

The Ballot: The New Frontier for #MeToo

Illustration of Brett Kavanaugh

Regardless of which side of the aisle you were on in the spectacle surrounding the nomination and subsequent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as an Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States, one thing remains clear: the entire debacle is

In Memory of the Queen of Soul

Image of Aretha Franklin which reads, "In memory of Aretha Franklin. March 25th, 1942 - August 16th, 2018."

On Aug. 16, the world lost a legend, an icon, a pioneer and a beautiful soul. Aretha Louise Franklin, the Queen of Soul, passed away due to pancreatic cancer in her home in Detroit, the city where it all began.

Remembering Senator John McCain

An image of John McCain, which reads "Senator John McCain, 1936 - 2018"

On Aug. 25, Senator John McCain passed away at 81 due to a malignant brain tumor, a day after ceasing treatment. McCain had been fighting cancer since last year, undergoing extensive treated with chemotherapy and radiation since its discovery.

A More Prominent Presence of Independent Students

Infographic explaining demographics of independent students

Independent college students, often referred to as nontraditional, have become the new majority of the student body on campuses throughout the United States.

Protecting Your Pup in the Heat

Photo of a cute black dog named Ekko

Protecting your pets from extreme heat this summer should be handled in the same way you’d protect yourself.

The Unmotivated Student

A student face palmed on his textbook and surrounded with many books and a glasses

Every day millions of students across the country are faced with the responsibility of juggling college classes while still trying to meet obligations outside the classroom. A full-time student will take at least 12 - 15 credit hours per semester.


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