Protest Against U.S. Aid to Israel

A row of protesters move across a street, holding signs and Palestinian flags.

Violence erupted last month in the cities of Hebron, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and others that make up the West Bank. Nearly 70 murders took place during the month of October in Palestine, including civilians and children. Palestinian youth masked their identities and expressed their frustration through riots taking place on the remaining piece of land that they can still claim.

Combat Jobs for Women

Cartoon of female U.S. soldier punching a large red punching bag.

This January, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter will issue a decision regarding opening all combat jobs in the U.S. armed forces to women. Carter has already received competing recommendations from leaders in the Pentagon and from Congress.


While millions of Americans give thanks around a table overflowing with turkey and stuffing this “Thanksgiving,” their indigenous counterparts will be observing a national day of mourning.

Why Take Student Evaluations Seriously?

It's inevitable, at the end of every semester students are handed a student survey to complete and return for every class. Like a ritual of epic proportions, certain steps must be taken. A large manila envelope is given to a messenger who volunteers to take it to the correct office. The professor steps out of the classroom waiting for the students to finish the surveys, place them back in the envelope, and send them out.

Ford Estate Adviser Reppke: Much Accomplished in Two Years

The Dearborn Collegian, March 1961 - Twirp Week

Hunting Big Foot

In Search of Leprechauns

In the Beginning

Yesterday it hurt, Today They Laugh


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