What’s in our Water?

An image of the surface of blue water that has been disturbed and is splashing a bit.

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has raised serious safety concerns on both a state and national level, raising questions about how safe our water is and who is protecting and regulating it?

Remembering Black Bottom and Paradise Valley

A black and white photo captures a busy street scene, with cars from the 1950s driving past a block filled with businesses with large signs. Some of the signs read: "Super Market" "Checks Cashed" "Standard [Oil]" "Williams Drugs"

In Detroit, there are two precious historic places that have been lost to us: Black Bottom and Paradise Valley.

The Republican Party: A Collapsing Circus Tent

Recently, the spectacle that has been the 2016 Presidential Primaries, focusing on those running for the Republican Party, has been nothing but a series of mudslinging campaigns, in which candidates have been competing to see who can fabricate the most

How Pure is Michigan? Flint Water Crisis and DPS Sick-outs

Water splashes on the surface.

Flint’s water supply was switched from Lake Huron water to the Flint River in 2014. Despite concerned parents reporting that their children had gotten sick after drinking, bathing or swimming in the water, citizen complaints were dismissed.

Businesses May Be Lying To Avoid Paying Part-Time Employees

When you work for a business, you keep track of the days and the amount of hours that you are going to be working in order to help plan your week. Ideally, the schedule will tell you which shifts you’ll be working and what job you’ll be fulfilling.

Michigan: Regulate Your Recycling

Three green arrows circle a graphic of the planet Earth to symbolize recycling.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an enormous mass of “marine debris” between the West coast of North America and Japan. According to CNN, scientists estimate that the “trash island” is nearly the size of Texas.

What is in a Name?

Upon viewing the list of student clubs at HFC, one thing struck me as oddly absent.

Conscription May Be Roadblock to Peace

The conscription law in Israel may be contributing to militarizing the youth in Israel.

The Future of Marijuana Legalization

There is a new meaning to “soaring high” at HFC. Since Michigan began issuing marijuana prescriptions it has become more common to see people burning pot out in public.

Too Much Marvel?

On November 20, Netflix launched its latest foray into the Marvel Universe, Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is a dark look at the post-super heroine detective adventures of its title character.


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