A More Prominent Presence of Independent Students

Infographic explaining demographics of independent students

Independent college students, often referred to as nontraditional, have become the new majority of the student body on campuses throughout the United States.

Protecting Your Pup in the Heat

Photo of a cute black dog named Ekko

Protecting your pets from extreme heat this summer should be handled in the same way you’d protect yourself.

The Unmotivated Student

A student face palmed on his textbook and surrounded with many books and a glasses

Every day millions of students across the country are faced with the responsibility of juggling college classes while still trying to meet obligations outside the classroom. A full-time student will take at least 12 - 15 credit hours per semester.

The Charity Industry’s Lack of Transparency

Multiple of images of clothes titled "What Really Happens to the Clothes You Donate?"

The charity industry is failing to be transparent about the clothing donation process. Nobly named charities like Goodwill and Salvation Army are known for helping the needy with the things we don’t wear anymore.

Hate on a Dinner Plate

Comic of female dressed in green superhero outfit wielding a broccoli club at a male dressed in red superhero cape with bacon sword and ham shield.

There seem to be no limitations on hate speech when it comes to food. Carnivores and vegans are so vitriolic toward each other on social media that vegetarians like me can get caught in the crossfire.

A LUSHious Kind of Love

Photo of LUSH Inner Truth bath melt for transgender rights courtesy LUSH

LUSH, the organic cosmetics store known for colorful bath fizzies and soaps is not allowed to sell its “Love Soap” with #GayIsOkay printed on them in one hundred stores worldwide due to certain countries having “anti-gay” laws.

Killing the Next Generation One Bullet at a Time

Infographic comparing reasons for gun violence that have been debated.

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, Nikolas Cruz, 19, allegedly entered Stoneman Douglas High School with an AR-15 semi-automatic weapon and opened fire on hundreds of faculty members and students.

International Students Pay the Price

Map U.S. showing downward trend of international student enrollment for fall 2017 courtesy Inside Higher Ed

International students in the U.S. undeniably add value to cultural diversification.

“The Talk”

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 10 “Personal Jesus” courtesy ABC

Popular ABC drama “Grey’s Anatomy” plays a monumental role in the showcasing of racially charged injustices.

The Opioid Epidemic: A Lucrative Business

opioids infographic 2017 health human services

The scope of the word addict has changed greatly over the past two decades. A greasy, dirty, malnourished, twenty-something image of a person would come to mind in the days of old and maybe for some still. The truth is far different.


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