Importance of Student Campus Jobs

Infographic showing that 7 out of 10 students feel stressed about their finances and outlining the primary source of funding for students
Infographic Courtesy of OSU

A part-time job can help students become better and get a jump on their career track. There are many benefits to working on campus while attending college. Students who work on campus have a higher chance of persisting in their studies. I myself currently hold a student job on the Henry Ford College Campus. I work as a part time tutor in the Bone Room. Being a student worker makes me feel like I’m on track because while waiting for students to come in for help, I can sit and do my homework until someone shows up.

Being able to work on homework and study while being on shift is a great opportunity for me. Sometimes I have exams coming up and I take the time to study while sitting around waiting for someone to come in for help. I also work a second job at the Detroit Medical Center as a Patient Attendant Safety. It is a contingent position meaning I make up my schedule and only am required to work two days per month. I only pick up shifts during the weekend because on weekdays the hours do not work for me. I do not have the opportunity to work on school assignments like the student job on campus. As a student, I enjoy the tutoring position more.

A part-time job allows students to perfect time-management skills essential for academic success. It also decreases their need for student loans and the resulting indebtedness. Improvement of career-related experience as they clarify goals, acquire skills and self-confidence, and build a network of contacts is also a huge advantage of working on campus. Moreover, student jobs fit a student’s schedule perfectly because they go according to their class schedule.

Through an on campus, part-time job, students become better-acquainted with faculty, staff and other students and are more likely to feel like they are part of the campus community. From my experience, since I started working on campus, I have become more involved on campus. My supervisor asked if anyone was willing to work for two events. I volunteered to work during Discover Day and Manufacturing Day in which high school students came to campus and explored the programs offered at Henry Ford College. It was a great experience. My communication is more open on campus than my other job. For example, while I am in the bone room, I have the chance to interact and communicate with coworkers and students. However, when I’m working at DMC serving as a Patient Attendant Safety, I don’t get to communicate with my coworkers (unless they are in the room) and patients because most of them are elderly who are ill.

Having an on-campus job is more flexible than an off-campus job. If you have an exam to study for, you can ask your supervisor to give you a day off. However, at my off-campus job, if I take a day off it will count as unexcused and I’m only allowed to have five unexcused absences. It is hard because I’m a student and have other responsibilities to take care of at home.

I personally favor my student job. I am given a schedule that is flexible for me. Although I make my schedule at my off-campus job, I might have an emergency which causes me to miss my shift. It also decreases student loans for school tuition which is very beneficial for the future. Although there are some disadvantages like lower pay and job only during the school year, there are much more benefits to work on campus that puts these disadvantages on the side.