Posthumous Releases: When Does Appreciation Become Commercialization?

Image of Lil Peep

As a listener that lacks musical ability (unless belching out the lyrics to “Bohemian Rhapsody” counts as talent), I cannot help but appreciate the intricacies of my favorite songs.

Recognizing the Role of Professional Sniffers

Photo shows a man smelling something in a bottle

Of our five senses, one is commonly taken for granted: smell. As we assimilate to the odors around us, we fixate on the foul, casting stink eyes toward public restrooms and dirty gym socks.

Puff, Puff, Ban

Comic depicting a hand labelled "Congress" taking away a vape pen from a man holding an assault rifle

The children! The children! Won’t somebody think about the children? This is the message from on high of capitol hills like Washington D.C. and Lansing, MI.

Burning Amazon Affects All of Us

Image shows the Amazon rainforest burning

The Amazon rainforest, referred by climate scientists as “Earth’s lungs,” has been been on fire since August 15.

The Drills of 9-11

Image shows a fire alarm pull box

Eighteen years ago my life as an American changed. It changed hard and it changed fast. The security blanket I pulled over my eyes was ripped away without mercy.

Finding My Brother Through 23andMe

Graphic showcasing a scientist looking at DNA results

Earlier this year, I learned my sister had a different father than me, prompting me to dramatically question my own family lineage.

U.S. Census May Pose a Partisan Threat

Illustration of the U.S. map with various people

In 2020, the United States is set to conduct a new census to count and collect demographic data on those living within the country. While the census is usually routine every 10 years, this census year has brought with it some controversy.

Anime to Live-Action: A Big No-No

Image comparing the live-action version of Ghost in the Shell against the anime version

Anime is well known for its dramatic storytelling, intense visuals, and beautiful artwork.

Fight for Reproductive Rights

Graphic outlining abortion laws after Justice Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to Supreme Court

This month, Michigan lawmakers voted to ban the dilation and evacuation abortion procedure, in an effort to further limit abortion rights in the state.

“The Feathered Threat” or “Getting Goosed on Campus”

Photo of a goose chasing a student

Their taunts and jeering can be heard around the clock. They invade our bushes and flower beds. They litter relentlessly. They crowd the walkways connecting our fair campus, and they will attack without provocation or regard for the sanctity of life.


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