Your Silence Will Not Protect You: A Watershed Moment in the #MeToo Movement

Image shows Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein, at age 67, was sentenced on March 11, to 23 years in prison for a criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree in New York.

Becoming an Influencer

Image shows a young woman taking a selfie

It’s a question that’s ravaged the minds of teens and young adults alike, passed down from generation to generation: what’s trendy? Not only trendy, but cool? It used to be hoop skirts, then shoulder pads, even low waist jeans (we’ve all been there).

Dangers of Online Hookups and How to Stay Safe

Image shows photo of Kevin Bacon before his death

After not showing up on Christmas morning, it was discovered that on Dec. 24., twenty-five year old, Kevin Bacon (no relation to the actor) went missing in Morrice, MI.

What Millenials/Gen Z Think of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day, the holiday that will bring companies more than 19.6 billion dollars all over the United States. The holiday that will stress men out to the max and give women a chance to dress up and demand a date night.

Peddling Polarization in the K Building

Image of Henry Ford College logo Ford College logo with the "Future Driven" slogan

As I sat in the student lobby of the Liberal Arts building waiting for my first class on the first day of class this semester, I watched a young man moving from one group of students to another, as well as to individual students who were all waiting f

Australia’s Bushfire: A World Crisis

Image shows a desolate stretch of road surrounded by burned trees

The Australian bushfire crisis started back in September 2019. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been criticized internationally for his inaction on climate change.

Posthumous Releases: When Does Appreciation Become Commercialization?

Image of Lil Peep

As a listener that lacks musical ability (unless belching out the lyrics to “Bohemian Rhapsody” counts as talent), I cannot help but appreciate the intricacies of my favorite songs.

Recognizing the Role of Professional Sniffers

Photo shows a man smelling something in a bottle

Of our five senses, one is commonly taken for granted: smell. As we assimilate to the odors around us, we fixate on the foul, casting stink eyes toward public restrooms and dirty gym socks.

Puff, Puff, Ban

Comic depicting a hand labelled "Congress" taking away a vape pen from a man holding an assault rifle

The children! The children! Won’t somebody think about the children? This is the message from on high of capitol hills like Washington D.C. and Lansing, MI.

Burning Amazon Affects All of Us

Image shows the Amazon rainforest burning

The Amazon rainforest, referred by climate scientists as “Earth’s lungs,” has been been on fire since August 15.


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