Quiet Reflection Room Moves to Eshleman Library

Muslim student sets up her prayer rug in the Quiet Reflection Room.

Henry Ford College took the initiative to address student concerns by upgrading the Quiet Reflection Room, an inclusive space of meditation, reflection and mindfulness on campus to one that better meets the needs of its students.

Attorney General Race Favors Democratic Candidate

Candidates for Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel (D) and Tom Leonard (R). Photo Courtesy Gannett.

The race for Michigan attorney general is heating up, with Republicans nominating House speaker Tom Leonard to run against the Democratic candidate Dana Nessel.

HFC Student and Instructor Running for Office

Working Class Party candidates for 2018. Back row: Gary Walkowicz, Sam Johnson, Mary Anne Hering, Logan Smith, Louis Palus, Andrea Kirby. Front row: Thomas Repasky, Larry Betts, Philip Kolody, Kathy Goodwin, Hali McEachern. Photo courtesy Working Class Party

Elections in the United States, at national and state levels, are dominated by Democratic Party or Republican Party candidates. However, third parties play a vital role.

Michigan's Future with Gerrymandering

Graphic from the Washington Post explaining gerrymandering.

This November, voters across Michigan will have the opportunity to place the power of redistricting congressional and legislative districts in the hands of an independent committee.

Interview with President Kavalhuna

Photo of Henry Ford College President, Russell A. Kavalhuna

On July 1, Russell A. Kavalhuna joined Henry Ford College as the institution’s sixth president.

Vista Maria Helping Girls for over 135 Years

Vista Maria logo

Vista Maria is a residential safe haven for 11-18-year-old women whose experienced severe abuse, neglect or trauma, referred by Michigan’s courts.

Iran Deal and American Credibility

Infographic explaining potential consequences of the U.S. withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Early last May, President Trump announced the United States’ immediate withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Following the decision, harsh sanctions were restored against Iran, limiting their ability to conduct business overseas.

Hope Has Not Left the Station: Detroit’s Beloved Depot Gets a New Life

Ground-level picture of Michigan Central Train Station

Detroiters celebrate as headlines confirm what they’ve already known deep in their hearts. Theirs is a city worth investing in. A city in which to take pride. Detroit is a city to call home.

Democratic and Republican Gubernatorial Candidates

Clip Art of Michigan Silhouette

Abdul El-Sayed (D)

“Dark Money” in Michigan

Info-graphic showing the Michigan Overall F in Integrity

On April 15, the Detroit Free Press Film Festival featured the documentary, “Dark Money,” directed by Kimberly Reed, at the Emagine theatre in Novi, Michigan.


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