Interview with Trustee Celia Nasser

2018 Dearborn Board of Education Trustee Mary Lane (left), Secretary Hussein Berry, Trustee Celia Nasser, President Michael Meade, Vice President Mary Petlichkoff, Trustee James Thorpe and Treasurer Fadwa Hammoud courtesy DPS

Celia Nasser is currently completing her term as trustee for Henry Ford College and the Dearborn Public School Board. Nasser’s position as trustee was formerly held by Mariam Bazzi..

A Grassroots School in Detroit Fosters “Living Ideas”

Educational inequality continues to be a concern across the state of Michigan. Those in communities with fewer resources, both rural and urban, struggle to access education that ignites a love of learning and prepares them for life.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes continue to rise

Islamophobia written on a note paper

As political rhetoric from the right becomes more and more openly anti-Muslim, violent crimes against Muslims, and those perceived to be Muslim, have increased in kind.

International Students at HFC

Sometimes it’s hard for Michiganders to see the potential of the state.

As visibility grows, trans people face increasing violence

Infographic showing spike in violence against transgender and LGBTQ individuals

The struggle for LGBT rights and visibility has seen several successes over the years.

Where Does Our Trash Go?

Maze leading out to recycling or landfill.

It is a mystery as to what happens to the trash on campus once it has been collected. Does it go to a landfill? Is the recycling actually recycled? What about hazardous waste?

Auto Show Stresses the Auto in Automobile

Picture of Ford Motor Company’s Self-Driving Prototype

Self-driving cars are no longer an idea reserved for science fiction. Autonomous vehicles stole the show at this year’s North American International Auto Show.

Homeless Community College Students

Inforgraphic shows that 14% of community college students are homeless

A growing number of college students in Michigan are homeless and struggling to stay afloat.

FISA, Can You Hear Me?

A chart showing the number of FISA requests per year and how many were denied

On Jan. 18, the Senate voted 65-34 on extending Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and President Trump signed the bill the next day.

Uncertain Future of the Free Internet

A graphy showing the money spent to influence the Federal Communication Commission 2003-2013

Last month, in a three to two decision the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality. The vote was split along party lines, with the three Republicans securing the majority.


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