Iran Deal and American Credibility

Infographic explaining potential consequences of the U.S. withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Early last May, President Trump announced the United States’ immediate withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Following the decision, harsh sanctions were restored against Iran, limiting their ability to conduct business overseas.

Hope Has Not Left the Station: Detroit’s Beloved Depot Gets a New Life

Ground-level picture of Michigan Central Train Station

Detroiters celebrate as headlines confirm what they’ve already known deep in their hearts. Theirs is a city worth investing in. A city in which to take pride. Detroit is a city to call home.

Democratic and Republican Gubernatorial Candidates

Clip Art of Michigan Silhouette

Abdul El-Sayed (D)

“Dark Money” in Michigan

Info-graphic showing the Michigan Overall F in Integrity

On April 15, the Detroit Free Press Film Festival featured the documentary, “Dark Money,” directed by Kimberly Reed, at the Emagine theatre in Novi, Michigan.

How Safe is Your Water?

Diagram showing how lead gets into water

With Gov. Snyder announcing in March that Flint water levels are safe enough for the state to discontinue its program to provide bottled water to Flint residents, many might believe the crisis is over.

HFC’s New Writing Center

Photo of writing pad, pen, and computer keyboard.

This semester, Henry Ford College’s Eshleman Library became the home for The Writing Center. Currently seven English instructors staff the center.

HFC Academic Reorganization Faces Growing Pains

Student looking at maze of walls.

This year marks the first year of Henry Ford College’s academic reorganization.

How Safe is Your Personal Information?

Computer ones and zeroes with Guy Fawkes face appearing in red.

Following news that the political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, had access to over 87 million Facebook users’ personal information, Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress this week.

HFC Presidential Search

Photo of entrance to Henry Ford College main campus.

Henry Ford College has just completed searching for its next president. The Board of Trustees interviewed each candidate the last week in March. After the final interview on March 28, the Board selected Russell A.

Student Voices Heard in Lansing

Group of students on the stairs of Central United Methodist Church

On March 20, over 150 college students attended the second annual “Voices for Our Future” student lobby day in Lansing to advocate for the issues they care about to state legislators and representatives.


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