44th Annual Women's Recognition Luncheon

This March, Henry Ford College hosted its 44th Women’s Recognition Luncheon. All donations benefit the Student Outreach and Support Program, or SOS, and the Student Emergency Fund.

Voices for Our Future: Student Advocacy Day

A little over 40 Henry Ford College students made their way to Lansing on March 30 to speak to their legislators and representatives for Student Advocacy Day.

Is There an Answer for Michigan Schools?

There may be hope yet for Michigan’s 38 “priority schools” threatened with closure by the state School Reform Office earlier this year.

Inclusive Bathrooms at HFC

As of this semester, Henry Ford College has designated fourteen single occupancy restrooms on its campuses as gender-inclusive, two of which are located on HFC’s East campus.

Refugee Crises

In 2013, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at the time, Antonio Guterres, stated that the United Nations “had not seen a refugee outflow escalate at such a frightening rate since the Rwandan genocide.” In March of that year, the number

It’s Time to Pay Attention to Bitcoin

There are many reasons why people don’t think of bitcoin as a legitimate form of virtual currency; one is that people still associate Bitcoin with the 2013 debacle called “The Silk Road,” a marketplace on the dark web that exchanged illegal goods and s

Fixing Detroit’s Abandoned Housing Problem

It isn’t news to any metro Detroiter that the rundown, abandoned structures in Detroit is a significant problem.

HFC Considers Sanctuary College Proposal

In November of last year, the American Association of University Professors endorsed the recommendation that colleges and universities all over the U.S.

Interview with Representative Robert Kosowski

Robert Kosowski (D-Westland) was elected to a third term to represent Michigan State House 16th District, which includes Wayne and a portion of Westland.

Interview with House Representative Robert Kosowski

Women in Journalism: An Uphill Battle

Groundbreaking female journalist and author, Gwen Ifill, was a giant of her field. Since her recent death, she has been hailed “as one of the greatest journalists of her generation” by the New York Times.


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