HFC and DTE Burst with Energy

Photo shows student electricians working on an electrical pole

Over the next five years the country will see a shortage in skilled trade positions. A skilled trade position is a position that requires a special skill, knowledge or ability.

“Unlikely” screening and DEI Little Libraries ribbon cutting

Image shows Katherine Snyder, Ashok Kumar and Janice Gililand at the Little Library's ribbon cutting

On Sept. 23, the Henry Ford College Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation (CTEI) hosted a screening of the film “Unlikely” at the Forfa Auditorium at Henry Ford College.

Lt. Gov. Gilchrist Visits Henry Ford College

Image of Lt. Gov Gilchrist with HFC students and faculty

On June 17, Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II visited Henry Ford College for a leadership discussion focusing on closing the skills gap in Information Technology and increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in the field.

Henry Ford College’s Eye Opening Program

Image of a person using a phoropter

Of all the programs at HFC, the Ophthalmic Technician Program, or “The Eye Program,” is probably the most unique.

A Mother Finds Hope After the Loss of Her Son

Photo of Dylan Meiring posing in a football uniform

Michigan has more annual opioid prescriptions written than residents. In 2017, there were 2,033 deaths caused by overdoses involving opioids in Michigan. Deaths involving heroin, increased from 263 to 783 deaths over a 5-year period.

Ladling Out Lessons One Dish at a Time

Photo of Chef Joseph Cosenza with student Priscilla Holmes

Henry Ford College’s Fifty-One O One is a student-run fine dining restaurant on campus. With every flip of the spatula, every stir with a spoon, every seasoning, and every sizzling frying pan is a lesson. A delicious lesson.

Mirror News Now May 2019

Controversy Arises over Title IX Proposals

Photo of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos at a congressional hearing

Title IX is a law prohibiting sex discrimination in federally funded facilities. During the Obama Administration, several revisions were made to Title IX, focusing on transgender rights and victims of sexual violence.

The Sign of a Truly Inspiring Teacher

Photo of Professor Jennifer Stewart instructing an ASL course at HFC

Over the past few years, Henry Ford College has seen a lot of changes throughout its campus – one of these changes being the incredible growth of the American Sign Language program.


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