Marathon Oil’s Contributions to the Community

The Marathon Oil Company has been under public scrutiny since the community has taken notice of the health problems and the pollution at its oil refinery in southwest Detroit.

High Speed Chase Ends in Car for HFC Student

Men and women pose with the student given the car.

HFC nursing student, Margaret Heit, had her red Jeep Cherokee stolen on February 29. It remained missing until March 7, when it was involved in a home invasion and then totaled in a high-speed chase on I-96.

Plus/Minus Grades To Take Effect: Impact on Students

Illustration of school grades letters A+, B, C, D-, and F.

In 2013, a new policy was brought to Henry Ford’s Scholastics Policies Committee to add GPA point values to plus and minus grades. This policy was accepted, and will be effective starting fall 2016.

HFC’s Student Council: Facts vs Rumors

Silhouette of a donkey.

Do Henry Ford College’s parking lots annoy you? Does some ludicrous registration policy you’ve encountered bother you? Is there an idea you have to improve something on campus?

A Growing Business

Marijuana Plant

There has been much debate over the legalization of medical marijuana.

Fire Claims Reclaim Detroit’s Inventory

Reclaim Detroit suffered a major setback on the morning of February 4, when a fire claimed nearly all of its inventory and equipment.

11th Annual Student Success Symposium

Despite inclement weather, Henry Ford College’s Student Activities Office, the African-American Association, and Diversity Club pulled off another successful student success symposium on February 24, 2016, in the L Building Rosenau Rooms.

By Any Means Necessary and Detroit Public Schools

On January 27, 2016, during a school demonstration, a confrontation between police and protesters led to an arrest of two students and a teacher.

Residents File Class Action Lawsuit Against Marathon Oil

Aerial photo of Marathon Oil refinery in southwest Detroit courtesy of U.S. News.

Last month, lawyers representing residents filed a class action lawsuit against Marathon Oil in response to pollution emitted by the company’s oil refinery in southwest Detroit.

Left of the Wall: A Progressive Take on Life and Conflict in Israel

Photo of wall dividing border between Israel and Palestine courtesy of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

“Aliyah” is a term that refers to the journey of Jews from the diaspora to Israel. These young Jews arrive in a land torn apart by conflict and brutality, carrying with them a perspective that often puts them at odds with their new home.


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