Insights into Writing from “American English, Italian Chocolate” Author

Photo of author Rick Bailey reading from his book Italian Chocolate American English

In celebration of National Novel Writing Month, Rick Bailey, retired Henry Ford College English professor and published author, visited HFC on Nov.

Music for the Good of All

Group of music students playing instruments

The door to the Fine Arts Building lobby swings softly shut and I’m standing in an unfamiliar hallway, one I didn’t know existed.

Kesha’s Comeback

Image of Kesha performing and a guitar player behind her

Since 2014, Kesha has been seemingly absent from the music industry.

A Golden Legacy: Beloved Children’s Book Series Celebrates 75 Years

Logo of of the golden Legacy

From baseball to apple pie, to country, jazz and hip-hop music, we love our American culture. And when it comes to literature, one children’s series has topped the list of American icons.

The Figurative Condition: Humanity Reflected in the Mud

Artists next to their clay sculptures.

Three artists with three unique life experiences bring three sets of questions and challenges for the viewer.

It’s all about love in “Almost, Maine”

Almost is a fictitious non-town somewhere in Maine where the residents never quite got to organize themselves enough for their town to actually be called a town. It is as if they all just happened to be in the same place by chance.

Diversity Celebrated By An Opportunity

Learning to draw the nude model has been an essential part of an artist’s training process dating back to the Italian Renaissance.

Red Bull House of Arts Gives Artists Wings

Not many residents are aware that on the outer edge of Eastern Market lies an underground cave/art gallery. The Red Bull House of Art is a live-in residency program that brings in artists from all over the world to create work.

“Reel Stories” in Dearborn

The Arab American National Museum hosted a film program that started in October 2016 and continued until March 2017.

SURA Exhibit

The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn is committed to inspiring and nurturing today’s youth into thought-provoking artists of the future.


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