My Cosplay Journey

The author, Katherine Warden in a Tiefling Dungeons and Dragons cosplay

Photo credit: Katherine Warden cosplay of Mollymauk, a Dungeons & Dragons Tiefling from "Critical Role"; music in time lapse video courtesy "Critical Role"

“Marvel Universe of Superheroes” at The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation: A Conversation with Exhibits Manager Kate Morland

Marvel Universe Superheroes Henry Ford Museum of Innovation Dearborn MI

The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation reopened at the end of June after having been closed since March due to the pandemic.

Conventions during the Pandemic from Comic Cons to Youmacon

Youmacon 2019 at TCF Center in Detroit photo by Justin Randles

Detroit’s Youmacon has officially announced that this year they will not be holding the convention that draws over 21,000 guests from around the world.

Detroit Music Festivals during the Pandemic

Screenshot of Digging Roots performing at Concert of Colors on PBS, Oct. 8, 2020

Chances are the concert you’ve been dying to go to this year has been canceled or postponed to a later date.

Chef Max Hardy: Sustaining Detroit’s Culinary Boom

Chef Maxcel Hardy with his special blends of Chef Max spices.

As restaurant owners in Detroit and across the country navigate through the challenges of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the food industry, restaurant owner Maxcel Hardy, professionally known as Chef Max, wants to ensure that the culinary boom

Fifty-One O One open during Pandemic

Student chefs in Fifty-One O One kitchen this month photo by Muna Saleh

Campus this fall has been very quiet. With in-person classes reduced to approximately 25 percent of all classes, and all student gathering areas removed, it's not a surprise how eerie the campus feels.

Behind the Scenes in Hollywood

Image shows people in various roles in filmmaking

The spread of COVID-19 has negatively and significantly impacted the movie industry. Many film festivals, movie premiers and TV productions are evaluating whether to postpone or cancel upcoming events.

Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy: An Interview with Dr. William Barber

Profile image of Dr. William Barber next to the cover of his book, “Capitalism, Socialism, and the Promise of Democracy”

More often than not it is noticeable that economic policies and political parties, or individuals, proposing them are growing more polarized into two different lots.

Moving Online with Hands-on Learning at HFC

Photo shows a young woman sketching on a piece of paper

As the world copes with the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities around the country have adjusted their curriculum to fit the social distancing guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

It's Time to Roll: Dungeons & Dragons Resurgence

Image of a Dungeons and Dragons board game

In 1967, the International Federation of War-gaming was founded, which gave freedom to fans to share ideas and game designs. One of its founders was Gary Gygax.


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