Slam Poetry Contest Donates to Syrian Refugees

Red feather inkwell pen.

Seniors from Fordson High School’s Arab Student Union (ASU), Book Club, and National Honor Society collaborated to organize a Slam Poetry competition on February 26 for their senior project.

Galerie Camille: World Class Art in the Heart of Detroit

A painting done on bare wood features two shapes that looks to be a cross between the configuration of a skull and an incandescent light bulb. The background in the skull bulbs is a floral print in pastels. The painting learns against other paintings in a shop.

Detroit is experiencing a revival, both economically and culturally and is transforming into a destination for both businesses and consumers.

Arianne King Comer at Sisson Gallery

A small quilt hangs on a wall. It is an American flag that has been overlaid with three sepia tone photos of a middle aged African American woman. Below the center photo, we can see a letter that details thoughts about Harriet Tubman.

HFC’s Sisson Gallery is presenting a series of works by Arianne King Comer, which Director of Exhibitions, Steve Glazer, helped to procure for the gallery. Comer has a BFA from Howard University and has lived in South Carolina since 1995.

A Thread in the Fiber

Wasserman Projects is a Detroit art space that opened on September 25 of last year. The building is in Eastern Market, and is part of a larger cultural resurgence in the Metro Detroit area.

Artist Spotlight: Selena Murdock

Selena Murdock is a local artist who has been attending Henry Ford College since the fall of 2013. She has been drawing and painting from an early age and continues to do so at the age of 20.

Zarkpa’s Boutique Reopening

Personality defines us, and our personalities are developed through the people we have encountered.

Internationally Renown Pottery in Detroit

Several titles in several cool, blue colors are laid in grout. One tile has the letters spelling 'pewabic' in a circle.

Pewabic Pottery was established in 1903 by Mary Chase Perry Stratton and is located on Jefferson Avenue in downtown Detroit.

Black History All Year

Interior of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Sunlight pours in from overhead in a hallway curving to the right.

In honor of Black History Month, the Mirror News sent two reporters to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit. Freelancer, Josh Abeare, and I went.

Robots To Invade Eastern Market

A building made of brick, who's blue paint is worn away in areas, has plywood covering one of the entrances.

Eastern Market is going to be invaded by robots. Robots, books, tutors, and school kids.

Greek Pottery Gets Modernized

Most people fail to see a connection between the arts and sciences – seeing the arts as more emotional and the sciences as being all about what’s in your head.


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