Old Car Festival in Dearborn

Classic coupe painted with top half black and bottom half green with green wheels and black tires.
Photos courtesy of Josh Abeare

On September 10 and 11, The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village held its 66th annual old car festival. Showcased were 780 vehicles registered from the years 1880-1932 with 680 cars and 100 classic bikes. Even though it rained on Saturday the weather did not prevent the nearly 12,000 people who came to look at the classic cars. There were cars from two different countries and multiple states. Cars ranged from Model T’s and Model A’s to a rare look at a Patterson, of which only 12 are left in existence.

Many owners were eager to talk about their cars. One visitor said, “I was born into it. I’m 55 and this is my 56th year here.” Tim Brooks of Allen Park said he has had his Model T for about 13 years and has been going to the festival for 11 years. He also said, “I like the old cars and having friends and family come and catch up with them.” When asked why he likes to keep coming to the event, Tim said he averages about 100 hours a year working on his old car. Brooks said most parts for Model A’s and Model T’s are still not too difficult to find, but there are some parts that have been discontinued and so are almost impossible to find. His car is 90 percent original. For Brooks, his love for old cars runs in the family: “I’m a car nut; have been all my life. The car has passed through my family from my grandfather down to my father down to me. My dad worked for Ford as a mechanic, so kind of fell into it.”

The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village are expecting a few more vehicles and more people for their annual old car fest next year and hope to see you there as well.