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DIA Expands Middle East Arts Gallery

Ceramic depiction of a Babylonian serpent-dragon

On October 1, the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) opened an expanded and revamped Ancient Middle East gallery which features a bevy of Middle Eastern artistry. For many locals, the DIA is a beloved gem of Detroit.

Scared Out of My Wits: A Trip to Erebus

Ed Terebus at the entrance to Erebus, where he lives and works.

Since it’s the month of All Hallow’s Eve, I decided to finally make the trip to the legendary four story haunted house: Erebus. Located in Pontiac Michigan, many go there every year to see the new installations and be scared out of their wits.

Dancing Full Circle

Photo of Sylvia Suttle

The Full Circle Dance Company was founded in 1994 and offers a class at HFC which normally consists of 10 to 20 students, in which the choreography of guest artists, faculty, and students is taught and rehearsed.

The black show, you missed it

HFC Student Receives Five Film Awards On the Path To Finding Himself

Henry Ford College alumnus, Shahid Mohammad, has won five international film festival awards -- all for a play entitled “Angel’s Night” that he wrote while he was a student in a Media Writing class with HFC’s director of Telecommunications, Susan McGraw. Shahid submitted it to several film festival contests. It has garnered prestigious awards including a Royal Reel at the Canada International Film Festival, as well as Official Selections both nationally and internationally at the Las Vegas Black and the Peachtree Village International film festivals, and even the London Film Awards and Colortape International Film Festival in Australia.

The VTL Sells Out Shows

Two men in safari style gear gaze up at a rendered dinosaur. The dinosaur looks down at them.

There is a certain magic churning behind the scenes at HFC. It lies in the last door on the right in the northern corner of the Fine Arts building. You have to go past the Sisson art gallery and the Pewabic pottery drinking fountain to find it.

Lights, Camera, Acting!

The Zoo Story, with Jerry, played by Michael Cochran and Peter, played by Matt VanHouten

The One Act Festival at Henry Ford College is held almost every year by the theater department. This year it will commence between June 18 and June 28. A riveting collection of short plays, these performances are typically directed by students. This year, HFC goers Josh Nielson, Reba Neely, Christian Plonka and Anita Holsey-Banks governed the acts.


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