Election Guide - 2016 Ballot

2016 Election Guide
The candidates and their stances on the issues voted most important by the HFC community.

President of the United States:

Vote for one candidate.

Donald Trump
Running mate: Mike Pence
Republican Party
Businessman, television producer, former reality TV star
Paying for college: Privatize student loans and eliminate the Department of Education, including Pell grants and Stafford loans. Loan approval would be based on a student’s major and job prospects after graduation. Police brutality: The black community deserves compassion but police officers are “mistreated and misunderstood.” Supports stop-and-frisk. Opposes Black Lives Matter. Refugees: Suspend all immigration from Syria and Libya. Has proposed subjecting all immigrants to an ideological test and has also suggested banning new Muslim immigrants.

Hillary Clinton
Running mate: Tim Kaine
Democratic Party
Attorney, former First Lady, former Senator, former Secretary of State
Paying for college: Make college debt-free for students from middle class families, with community college being free. Offer assistance to those with student loan debt. Police brutality: Improve community/police relations, legislation to end racial profiling, increased training for police officers, and increased funding for investigating civil rights abuses. Supports Black Lives Matter. Refugees: Admit 65,000 Syrian refugees while maintaining the current vetting procedure. Will not focus enforcement efforts on non-violent immigrants.

Gary Johnson
Running mate: William Weld
Libertarian Party
Businessman, former governor of New Mexico
Paying for college: Abolish federal student loans and the Department of Education to reduce tuition. Police brutality: War on Drugs is the root cause of police brutality and should be ended. Too many unnecessary laws have created a prison state. Supports Black Lives Matter. Refugees: US should continue to accept refugees, but should enhance vetting procedure to ensure that they have no connections to terrorism.

Jill Stein
Running mate: Ajamu Baraka
Green Party
Paying for college: Make higher education free for all and cancel all current student debt. Police brutality: Demilitarize the police, increase government oversight, and enact comprehensive gun control. Support Black Lives Matters. Refugees: Greatly increase the number of refugees taken in by the US and work to end airstrikes in Syria to stop the creation of refugees.

Representative in Congress for the 12 District:

Vote for one candidate.

Jeff Jones
Republican Party

Debbie Dingell
Democratic Party

Tom Bagwell
Libertarian Party

Dylan Calewarts
Green Party

Gary Walkowicz
Working Class Party

Representative in State Legislature for the 15th District:

Vote for one candidate.

Terrance Guido Gerin - Republican Party

Abdullah Hammoud - Democratic Party

Judge for Third Circuit Court of Appeals:

Vote for no more than four candidates:

Melissa Anne Cox

Matthew M. Evans

Wanda A. Evans

Robert Ficano

Thomas John Hathaway

Brian L. Morrow

Kelly Ann Ramsey

Regina Thomas

State Board of Education:

Vote for no more than two candidates.

Tom McMillin
Republican Party

Nikki Snyder
Republican Party

Ish Ahmed
Democratic Party

John Austin
Democratic Party

Scotty Boman
Libertarian Party

Bill Hall
Libertarian Party

Karen Adams
U.S. Taxpayers Party

Douglas Levesque
U.S. Taxpayers Party

Derek M. Grigsby
Green Party

Sherry A. Wells
Green Party

Mary Anne Hering
Working Class Party

Dearborn Public Schools Board Member:

(Also serves as HFC's Board of Trustees.)
Vote for no more than three candidates

Hussein Berry

Faize El-Khali

Khodr Farhat

Fadwa Hammoud

Adel Mozip

Jim Thorpe

Prosecuting Attorney for Wayne County:

Vote for one candidate

Kym L. Worthy
Democratic Party

David Afton
Libertarian Party


Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan
Would authorize the RTA to levy a tax in order to fund the construction and operation of public transportation services in Southeast Michigan.

Proposal Text:
A Proposal Authorizing the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) to Levy an Assessment

The proposal would authorize the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) to levy within Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties a property tax assessment: • at a rate of 1.2 mills ($1.20 per $1,000 of taxable value); • for 20 years beginning in 2016 and ending in 2035; • that may not be increased, renewed, or used for other purposes without direct voter approval; and • to be used upon the affirmative vote of an RTA board member from each RTA member jurisdiction for the purpose of construction and operation of a public transportation system connecting Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties, including rapid transit bus routes across county lines, specialized service for senior citizens and people with disabilities, commuter rail, airport express service, and other public transportation purposes permitted by law, consistent with RTA bylaws and subject to the limitations of the Regional Transit Authority Act. If this new additional assessment is approved and levied, revenue will be disbursed to the RTA. It is estimated that $160,907,285 will be collected in the first year. Should this assessment be approved?

Regional Enhancement Millage Proposal
Millage to raise money for local school districts that will raise property taxes by approximately 0.2 percent.

Proposal Text:
Pursuant to state law, the revenue raised by the proposed enhancement millage will be collected by the Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency and distributed to local public school districts within the boundaries of the Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency based on pupil membership count.

Shall the limitation on the amount of ad valorem taxes which may be imposed on taxable property in the Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency, Michigan, be increased by 2.00 mills ($2.00 per thousand dollars of taxable value) for a period of six (6) years, 2016 to 2021, inclusive, as new additional millage to provide operating funds to enhance other state and local funding for local school district operating purposes? It is estimated that 2 mills would raise approximately $80,000,000 when first levied in 2016.

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