HFCC Dearborn Heights Campus to undergo facelift

Students Study in Italy

Students nominated for academic team

Remembering a King's legacy

Welcoming President Barack H. Obama II

Students Ski on Campus

Primitive Press Fades

Untitled Photo

Dearborn's Deadly Roads

Memorial in ruins after collision at intersection of Greenfield and Paul

When people are asked “what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever experienced,” a lot of us would respond with horror stories of ghosts, being lost, or memories of a really frightening movie, but those of us in the Dearborn-Detroit area will detail our daily commutes to school and work. Residents often joke about just how bad driving in our cities are, but though it’s an easy topic to poke fun at, it’s really no laughing matter.

Unity in the City

Journalists from around the country gathered on September 12 at Wayne State University to tackle the question of media diversity. The regional summit was hosted by UNITY: Journalists for Diversity, in order to help bring the stories of communities who are often ignored to the forefront.


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