Engaging Students During the Pandemic

Cassandra Fluker, Student Activities Officer | Photo courtesy HFC Marketing.

In these uncertain times, it’s difficult to keep focused on what’s important when it feels like everything is falling apart.

Henry Ford College has undoubtedly been working very hard to make sure all its students can continue their education and ensure everyone, including staff and faculty, can stay safe. Because of this, the college has been forced to close the college and push as many classes as possible to be completed online and others to be postponed until it’s safe to return to a classroom setting. It’s been difficult for many students to adjust to the online class format but many professors are trying their best to work with students to make sure they are able to keep up and pass their classes.

During this time, the college has also been working to keep its students engaged in online activities to help free their minds. “At this time the Office of Student Activities is developing a virtual activity platform to keep students connected and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Cassandra Fluker, the Student Activities Officer. The Student Activities office has been working diligently to create fun and interesting programs that are live, online, and interactive. You can expect to see a variety of programs available to students such as leadership development, game shows, wellness presentations, and novelty activities like caricature art.

“I know this is a tough adjustment period for many of us, but the same as with on-campus presence, it is essential that students are engaged to help free their minds from the turmoil that we are experiencing today,” adds Fluker.

Fluker hopes to release the virtual activity platform in the fall.

The Student Activities Office has already worked with Degy to offer free live online concerts every Friday at 7pm which began March 30. For more information check out degy.com/FridayNightLive or the Student Activities Instagram page @hfcstudentactivities.

The Student Activities Instagram is also hosting a Picture of the Day with a different rotating theme. Email your pictures to Student Activities associate Mandy Early at: mlearl1@hfcc.edu and include a caption and name as well as your Instagram tag if you want to be tagged.