Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green Gives Back

The Golden State Warrior’s current forward, Draymond Green, donated $3.1 million to Michigan State’s basketball team earlier this September.

Hawks Off to a Flying Start

The season is officially underway for the Henry Ford Hawks golf team. It began with the Kirtland Invitational held at Redwood Golf Course in Roscommon, MI. As a team the Hawks took third place out of nine schools with an overall score of 315(+27).

A Brave New Hope for the Lions

Lions owner Martha Ford is showing that she wants to win now, firing both the Lions’ President Tom Lewand and General Manager Martin Mayhew.

Hawks Host Hunger Games

Both HFC’s men’s and women’s basketball teams hosted their annual “Hunger Games” event on January 16. The Hawks played division opponent Delta College.

Paying College Athletes, or Not

A dollar sign. It is golden in color.

A football player at the University of Florida recently called college football the “modern form of slavery” in a tweet which has since been deleted.

Downtown Boxing Gym: Lessons in and out of the Ring

A young black man with his fists up. His fists are wrapped with fabric.

In a city fighting for renewal, Detroit-native, Coach Khali Sweeney, is providing kids with a safe haven at the Downtown Boxing Gym (DBG).

Dearborn Boxer Dies After First Pro Match

Illustration of Aljahmi's face

We all know that one friend, relative, or fellow classmate that aspires to achieve fame. Whether through singing, politics, writing, or sports, they are driven towards that dream and work hard for it with repetitive practice and collective support.

Do Golfers Sweat?

This was the question that was jokingly asked by Athletic Director Rochelle Taylor towards the golf team at the student-athlete orientation a couple of days before fall classes had started. It was all in good nature of course, but do they?

Hawks Go Down to the Wire

A team photo of the men's basketball team. The men stand in a line at center court in royal blue uniforms with white details.

After a slow start, the Henry Ford men's basketball team got their first win of the regular season bringing their record to 1-4 heading into the Thanksgiving break. The 98-93 win came at home against non-conference opponent Rochester College.

When Athletes Get Too Aggressive

Oscar Pistorius. Donte Stallworth. Greg Hardy. Jayson Williams. OJ Simpson. Ray Rice. All these athletes are liberally roaming their mansions as we speak. All these athletes are cashing million dollar paychecks at the bank.


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