"Castlevania": A Gothic Fantasy Drenched in Blood and Betrayal

Image shows main characters from the show Castlevania

To call “Castlevania” dark would be an understatement. By the end of the first episode, we are witnessing the brutal genocide of the human race.

Swimming in Circles

Album artwork for Mac Miller's "Circles"

I remember the first time I ever listened to Mac Miller. I was sitting in the Dairy Queen drive-through, awaiting a celebratory DQ Blizzard with my best friend and co-volleyball captain, Bri.

Remastered and Rebooted Games vs. Originals

Promotional image for the game "Temtem" showcasing vibrant, colorful Pokémon-inspired creatures

A huge list of games are lined up for this year, making it a very exciting time for the gaming community.

"Uncut Gems:" An Anxiety-Ridden Journey of Self-Destruction

Still image from "Uncut Gems" showing Adam Sandler holding a Furby gold chain

“Uncut Gems” opens in the sultry rock mines of Ethiopia, where two miners take advantage of an accident that occurs on sight to go and dig out a black opal, a rare and beautiful gemstone embedded in rock that radiates light throughout its prisms to cre

In the Trenches with "1917"

Still image of a soldier from 1917 standing while other soldiers crawl through trenches around him

Director Sam Mendes’ feature length unblinking approach of making “1917” is phenomenal. Mendes uses several takes and seamlessly combines them to give the movie a one long shot point of view.

“Marriage Story:" A Different Perspective

Still image from the film "Marriage Story" showing a seemingly upset Charlie pointing at Nicole

“Marriage Story” is a movie directed by Noah Baumach, based on his own marriage and inevitable divorce with Jennifer Jason Leigh, an actress best known for her roles in “The Hateful Eight,” “Atypical,” and “Annihilation.” Already winning Laura Dern the

A Divorce Story with No Sides

Promotional poster for film "Marriage Story," showing the three main characters of the film embracing

As an aerial shot on a broad street with Charlie Barber (Adam Driver) carrying his exhausted son Henry Barber (Azhy Robertson) to the car closes Noah Baumbach’s “Marriage Story,” there is a faint discord in my mood.

Surf’s Up in Dearborn

Photo of Longboard's interior decor, including surfboards hanging from the ceiling and a vibrant setting

This weekend my boyfriend and I decided to try out the new surfing-themed restaurant in Dearborn. Located on Michigan Ave., Longboard opened on Nov. 25.

Toss a Coin to "The Witcher"

Image of Netflix promotional poster for "The Witcher" showcasing the three main character, Yennefer, Geralt and Cirilla

Like Jaskier the humble bard sings, you should grace a ride along with “The Witcher,” the Netflix series based on the Polish books with the same name by Andrezej Sapkowski.

Fka Twigs' "Magdalene"

Image shows FKA Twigs

On Nov. 8, Tahliah Debrett Barnett, under the pseudonym FKA twigs, released her second full-length album MAGDALENE through Young Turks, her first release since her 2015 EP M3LL155X ,and her first full-length release since 2014’s LP1.


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