Subject: “Love, Simon”

Poster ad for Love, Simon courtesy 20th Century Fox

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“Cloverfield” Tries to Expand to Netflix

Cloverfield Paradox poster showing a closeup of female astronaut in distress.

“Cloverfield Paradox,” now streaming on Netflix, is the third film in the Cloverfield franchise. The film is an attempt to tie the stories of “Cloverfield” and “10 Cloverfield Lane” together and expand the vast dystopian universe.

“This Is Us” Brings Out the Best in Us

A collage of images from the series This Is Us

As Dan Fogelman’s beautiful, award-winning drama comes to a second season close, its indisputable popularity confirms that America is saying “This Is Us” also.

Speaking from the African Continent: “Black Panther” Gets It

Image of group of characters from the black panther movie

Directed by Ryan Coogler, featuring a predominantly black cast, Disney and Marvel Studio’s “Black Panther,” not to be mistaken for the 1960s Civil Rights movement of the same name, brings to life the first known black superhero in mainstream American c

M Cantina? Pleased to Meet You

Cinco Leches Cake with Café de Olla Cream

Tucked away in a small strip of businesses on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn is a contemporary shoebox shaped establishment where you can find gourmet nuevo Latino street food and an assortment of Mbar juices filled with exotic flavors.

The Beauty within “The Shape of Water”

Sally Hawkins as Elisa Esposito in “The Shape of Water”

Guillermo del Toro created a masterpiece directing his most recent film “The Shape of Water.”

“The Post” Challenges the Status Quo

Picture featuring the two main charactersof the movie The Post

Government accountability, freedom of the press and equal rights for women make Steven Spielberg’s 2018 Academy Award nominated film, “The Post,” as relevant today as its true events were in 1971.

Marvel’s “Iron Fist”

Iron Fist poster for Netflix series

Starting in 2015 with the Netflix series “Daredevil,” Marvel Studios has been producing shows on the streaming service that revolve around different characters in the Marvel Universe outside of “The Avengers” movies.

Green Day Revolution Radio Tour

Monday, March 27, Green Day performed at the Joe Louis Arena for the Revolution Radio Tour. The album “Revolution Radio” was released October 7, 2016, as a concept album giving some insight on the band’s political views.

Kuzzo’s: Not Your Usual Chicken and Waffles

Few new hip restaurants in Detroit offer cuisine that truly reflects the community in which it operates. It is even more rare to find such a restaurant that so boldly depicts the love and urgency of family.


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