Only Lovers Will Survive in St. Vincent’s Glamorous, Miserable “MASSEDUCTION”

Though Annie Clark released her first album, “Marry Me,” under the moniker St. Vincent ten years ago, it wasn’t until her fourth album that she started receiving national attention. The self-titled, “St.

“Riverdale”: The Town With Pep

Riverdale season two Poster

A town with murders hanging in the air. A killer on the loose ready to strike again. A young man afraid of someone harming his family again. A troubled teen trying to decide if he wants to follow the path of his father.

“Wonder Woman”

If bound by that golden lasso of truth, I’d have to admit that DC Comic’s new Wonder Woman blockbuster has captured the delight of this Marvel movie fan, and quite possibly its audience entirely.

“Dead Men Tell No Tales”

After nearly six years since they last graced the big screen, Captain Jack Sparrow and his band of buccaneers are back with “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, the fifth instalment of Disney’s Pirates of The Caribbean “Dead Men Tell No Tales” has a storyline whi

Fun with the Undead in “iZombie”

Working in a morgue is not an easy or pleasing job. Working in a morgue while being a zombie? Seems like it would be heaven. But what if every brain you consumed caused you to take on the personality and memories of the victim?

“Mass Effect: Andromeda” is a beautiful disappointment

Since the release of “Baldur’s Gate” in 1998, video game developer BioWare has been synonymous with story-driven role-playing games.

Getting Real About “13 Reasons Why”

Written by Brian Yorkey and directed by Tom McCarthy, “13 Reasons Why” follows the tragic events which lead to the death of high school student.

Hold the Bacon: Tasty Vegan at Vegan Soul

Near Belle Isle, in an unassuming block of buildings surrounded by residential houses is Detroit’s Vegan Soul. Though I’m an avid fan of meat, and perhaps some readers relate, I was excited to try something new. I took a vegetarian friend with me.

“Life is Strange: Before the Storm”

“Life is Strange: Before the Storm” video game poster

Everyone struggles with heartbreak and loss, but no one has struggled more than the fictional character Chloe Price.

“Vinsetta Garage”

Have you ever heard of a Yeti Dog? How about Disco Fries? No? Well, if you head on over to Vinsetta Garage on Woodward Avene in Royal Oak you’ll find these wonderful dishes and so much more.


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