Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: “The Ship of the Dead”

Magnus Chase Book cover

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a god for a parent? After dying trying to find a sword, Magnus Chase discovered that it’s not as great as it seems.

“IT” is an Original Remake

Image of the clown from the "IT" movie

“IT” released nation-wide on Sept.

Open World Game: Slime Rancher

As the video game industry expands, Steam online gaming platform has become one of the top platforms for PC gamers.

Getting Race in "Get Out"

Written and directed by comedian Jordan Peele, “Get Out” is no ordinary horror film. It is a creatively constructed harrowing yet satirical multi-layered piece of social commentary focusing on race relations in America.

There is More to “Humans” Than Robots

There have been numerous TV shows and movies that imagine humanoid robots that can think for themselves.

“Logan”: The Superhero Movie Grows Up

The superhero movie has been a feature of American cinema for decades, serving to entertain, but evolving little over the years.

“One Day at a Time” on Netflix

Gender, divorce and the trauma of war are topics many people do not like to dwell on. I know people who will do anything and everything to escape talking about these topics. The tough truth is they cannot be avoided.

Girls. Girls. Girls.

HBO is currently airing the sixth and final season of the hit show “Girls.” Whether you are someone who has followed the show from the beginning or someone who has never watched it at all, its newest episodes are something worth seeing in their own rig

Split on "Split"

Have you wondered if having a split personality is a gateway to the supernatural? In the movie “Split,” director M. Night Shyamalan takes us back to the movie universe of one of his prior films, “Unbreakable,” which starred Bruce Willis and Samuel L.

McAvoy is Amazing in “Split”

On Friday, Jan. 20, the highly anticipated M. Night Shyamalan movie “Split” was released into theaters. The thriller revolves around the main character, Kevin Wendell Crumb, and his 23 personalities.


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