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HFC’s New Hybrid Scale Model Solar System

A screen displays the planet Jupiter and shows the planet and several options for details about the planet.

Beam me up Scotty—up to HFC—to see the new hybrid scale model solar system.

At Henry Ford College, students and visitors from all over will soon be able to enjoy a magical experience with the new hybrid scale-model solar system. The great unveiling is set for mid to late November.

HFC’s model incorporates the characteristics of being to-scale, digitally interactive, and walkable. Some models have one or two of these traits, but this is the first of its kind to master all three.

Sexes living with sex discrimination

Hepatitis B - "Shout it from the wooftops"

Students nominated for academic team

Course Stresses Assertiveness

E-Cigarettes: A Great Step Forward... Or a Leap Backwards?

Dina Alzumut using an e-cigarette

Popping up everywhere are the cool, new and flavorful e-cigarettes. Our generation has been steered away from the carcinogenic and foul smelling cancer sticks through redirection to a new era of electronic vapor cigarettes.

Why Your Hypochondriac Parents Didn’t Do You Any Favors

By Ashley Ball
Staff Writer

People in the US are developing a resistance to penicillin and other medicines. The man that first discovered penicillin predicted that this day would come.
In the biography on Fleming, entitled “Sir Alexander Fleming-Documentary” it states that “While accepting a Nobel Prize for discovering penicillin, Alexander Fleming warned of a future in which antibiotics had been used with abandon and bacteria had grown resistant to them.”

Bats: Debunking the Myths

Black wings beat effortlessly through the night sky, swooping down to catch mosquitoes and moths. You gaze up and wonder, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?” No, it’s a bat!

Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight and can reach speeds as high as fifty miles an hour. According to an article by Jennifer Laaser called “DNA Research Sheds Light on White-Nose Syndrome in Bats,” these creatures are found on every continent excluding Antarctica.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Day at HFCC

With help of sponsors from the Student Activities Office, Diversity Club, and the African American Association, Henry Ford Community College hosted an HIV/AIDS awareness Day in the Rosenau Conference Rooms of the ASCC Building this past Monday, Decembe

Gym Tips: How to Run

Running takes a lot of adaption to how fast you are running, how long you will be running and how far you will be running. As you start, you will build your stamina, endurance, breathing patterns, and your stride; basically, a routine when running. All routines differ if you prefer side-walk over treadmill or vice versa. Pace also is incorporated in the routine as well.


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