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Are Latest Fashion Trends Killing the Planet?

Info-graphic about the apparel industry

The latest fashion trends are killing the planet. Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware of the environmental dangers lurking in their favorite retail store.

Detroit Soup

Map of Hamtramck

What can you get for five dollars? Well that depends on where you go. On Henry Ford College’s campus you'll be able to get something to eat and drink; if at a coffee shop, then probably one overpriced coffee.

Detroit Incinerator Faces Possible Legal Action

Photo of the Detroit Incinerator smokestack with smoke coming out of it.

The Detroit Incinerator, the largest municipal trash incinerator in the U.S., faces a potential lawsuit from the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center for violating 40 Clean Air Act and state violations.

Dance Movement Therapy

Sylvia Suttle, former HFC dancer in leotard in elegant ballet pose.

Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT), also referred to as Movement Therapy, is the use of movement to consummate the integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, and social achievement in individuals.

Spotlight on HFC Dance Instructor Diane Mancinelli

Dancers bending backward in circle around female dancer twirling on one leg in rehearsal studio.

Diane Mancinelli, the founder and coordinator of the Full Circle Dance Company here at Henry Ford College spoke recently regarding her work and passion for dance, and the many benefits that dance provides.

Is it Sugar or Saturated Fats to Blame for Coronary Disease?

Bowl of sugar cubes

Internal sugar industry documents have revealed that the industry has been paying scientists since the 1960s to lower the connection between sugar and health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and obesity, by implying the direct cause to be sat

Why Feminine Hygiene Products Should Be Free

Rows of various brands of tampon boxes on a store shelf.

Michigan House Representative, Sarah Roberts, D-St. Clair Shores, has co-sponsored two bills that are pending in the Michigan legislature.

From Homelessness to Becoming an Adult at Fourteen

Cardboard sign showing drawing of home with the word "less" next to it.

Carlos Vega, a 38 year old Puerto Rican man, father of three, and a husband overcame an adverse life.

HFC Students Attend National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

Photo of HFC student Ashley Ball shaking hands with two speakers at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

On June 1-4, nearly 1000 students from across the United States went to the University of Maryland, College Park to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

Belle Isle: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Close up of white flower and green leaves in outside garden at Belle Isle Conservatory

I have lived in Dearborn a good chunk of my life, so why didn’t I hear about Belle Isle until last year? Was I living under a rock? Why was nobody talking about it? It turns out, a lot of people in metro Detroit have never been to Belle Isle.


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