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“PrEP” Pill

First diagnosed in the early 80s, HIV and AIDS have both evolved into a global epidemic the likes of which the world has never known.

Vanishing Vaccinations: An Epidemic

Immunization is perhaps the single most important public health measure of the 20th century. Countless premature deaths have been prevented, and countless more children have been saved from disfiguring illness.

Food for Thought

Grilled vegetables inside stainless steel warmer

It’s no surprise anymore in Dearborn to hear the question, “Do you serve halal food?” Not only is it asked by those who need the halal option for religious reasons, but many others prefer it as opposed to non-halal because of the way the animal is rais

The Push for Healthier School Lunches

First Lady Michelle Obama’s program, Let’s Move! strives to tackle childhood obesity by implementing healthier food selections for people to practice at home, school, and everywhere else children are exposed to food. In 2012, the Let’s Move!

You Said Pole What? Alternative Exercise Worth a Spin

Woman in black leotard holding herself off the floor on a vertical pole.

Unlike most alternative fitness options, pole dancing is one of the few you can actually make into a successful career. Yes, I said career and not job.

Myths About Piercings

Piercings carry a stigma with them and sometimes the stigma causes people to hold back in expressing themselves for fear of what their peers or family will think and say.

Local Veteran Opens Gym

Army green t-shirt with Victory Gym written in white block letters.

Mike Emory opened Victory Gym for veterans, and with a few goals in mind: to give them a place to feel “human again,” a place to belong, and to reconnect with other veterans.

Mental Health and Criminal Justice

You have probably heard it said, “The weather is so bipolar today,” to describe fluctuating temperatures in weather. We as a society use various disorders as adjectives so often that we seldom realize that there is anything wrong with it at all.

A Solution to Reduce Food Waste and Combat Hunger

The number of people that are affected by hunger in the United States is staggering. According to the USDA, “food insecurity” is something that is experienced by 12.2 percent of households with children and 20.6 percent without.

Zika Declared Global Emergency

A cartoon caricature of a mosquito.

The Zika Virus was first discovered in Uganda in 1947 and was isolated to Africa and Asia for decades until appearing in Brazil in May of 2015.


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