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Bottled Water: Is It Really Good For You?

With Flint residents having to turn to bottled water, questions are being raised about how safe bottled water is.

Urban Farms in Detroit

An urban garden is filled with several types of greenery and has two greenhouses in the middle. People stand outside.

Since its peak in 1950 with 1.8 million residents, Detroit has lost over half of its population. Currently, the census estimate is 680,250.

Winter Blues

Snow-covered street in winter

Winter has long been associated with depression; in literature winter represents dormancy and death and the ending of life. Scientifically speaking there may be a clinical reason for this connection.

Lactation Rooms at HFC

Ashley McPherson hold her son on her hip.

On February 2, HFC sent out an e-mail to all students and faculty announcing three new rooms dedicated to lactating and breastfeeding mothers who are attending the college.

Festival of Trees in Dearborn

During the week of November 22, 2015, over 50 professionally decorated trees filled the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center for the 31st annual Festival of Trees.

The Future Of Marijuana Legalization

There is a new meaning to “soaring high” at HFC. Since Michigan began issuing marijuana prescriptions it has become more common to see people burning pot out in public.

Streaming App Has Potential

A woman in New York goes for a walk through a park. A couple goes hot air ballooning. A driver just outside of Novi is commuting out of the city. Technology is a constantly evolving world, allowing us to communicate faster and better.

Bubonic Plague Strikes Michigan

What was thought to have disappeared hundreds of years ago is back. The Bubonic Plague struck Marquette, Michigan for the first time in history. This most recent case is one of 14 nationwide in the past year alone.

Astronomy Show Takes Guests To The Stars

HFC and the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club combined to offer an assembly called “The Road Not Taken” which is an astronomy lecture that mixes poetry, mythology, astronomy and spectacular visuals.

Love is in the Air, or is it Oxytocin?

A technical illustration of the chemical bonds that make up oxytocin. It has several cute notations with hearts, kissing faces, and little note like 'be mine'.

As the time of year approaches where love and romance seem to saturate all facets of life, one wonders, what is love?


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