Opinion - Seeing the Beauty Within

Recently, there have been videos popping up on YouTube with young girls asking people to answer one question: Am I pretty or not? It was gut-wrenching to watch these girls ask if others thought they were pretty. With so much emphasis on being what the media considers to be a “Perfect 10”, it's no wonder why girls are striving to achieve something that isn't real. True beauty doesn't come from the outside. True beauty comes from the heart, from the soul, from the kind things we do.


It’s that time of year again—the holiday season. There’s a multitude of new Christmas releases, ranging from hit artists like Michael Bublé and Sheryl Crow to the more quirky She & Him and David Chowder Band. However, if you really want the gift that keeps on giving, these two non-Christmas releases are perfect stocking stuffers, or maybe even a holiday treat for yourself. Unless, of course, you’d rather be gifted Justin Bieber’s new Christmas album.

Miranda Lambert – Four the Record


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