You Said Pole What? Alternative Exercise Worth a Spin

Woman in black leotard spinning around vertical pole.
Photo by Megan Judge

Unlike most alternative fitness options, pole dancing is one of the few you can actually make into a successful career. Yes, I said career and not job. I chose to state that in particular because after only an hour in that class, I understood why it earns the title of “career.”

Being someone who goes to the gym daily, I was still sore when I woke up the next morning. Not to mention the sheer dedication it takes to perfect the moves and transform it from clumsily clomping around into making yourself look desirable.

You think it’s just twirling yourself around a pole? Try holding on for dear life while hurdling your body at a dangerous speed around a metal death trap. Of course, twirling makes it sound a little more graceful. Have no delusions, you will definitely need more than one class to achieve the level of grace you’re hoping for.

Pole fit, the correct term for a fitness pole dancing class, is something that has boomed in the past couple years. What started off in a club has transcended into a new fitness era. I don’t mean to make it sound like something you’re not going to be able to successfully do; like anything, it takes practice. By the end of class you will know the proper technique for different moves; it is just the execution that needs work.

The class that I attended at Studio 88 in West Bloomfield Township, was full of both different ethnicities and body shapes. It proves you don’t need to look like that girl on the front of that magazine to go out and feel amazing about yourself. Talking to one of the girls in the class, Rebecca Smith told us that she had been attending classes for “about four weeks. I wanted to have fun working out and build up my self-confidence, I like that the instructors encourage me to do the best that I can, I would certainly recommend it to others!” One thing that attracts people to a class like this is that it is a way to step out of the bubble so many people create for themselves.

Anyone that can claim to know how to pole dance manifests a sort of power and sexual appeal that many women crave. Some people get this feeling from posting selfie after selfie on Facebook and others go out and do something adventurous like this.

A Pole fit class, I believe, doubles as a way to increase your confidence as well as tone your body. Pole fit focuses more on toning and building muscle rather than cardio. This doesn’t mean you won’t still burn crazy calories, you just burn them in a different way. So step aside Zumba, Pole fit is a workout to watch out for.

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