Student Life


In the aftermath following the recent protests that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, many institutions along with Henry Ford College has partnered with Maxient, a college behavior records software company, in an initiative called #DearYoungPerson

Johnnie on the Spot

“Hello Johnnie, I am only taking a few classes and I am caught up with work, but I still feel like I am drowning in my work. What tips do you have for staying on top of things?” - Jenna

Dear Jenna,

A Rising Academic Star: Mohamad Berry

In Mohamad Berry’s case, 12 credits was just not enough. This past Fall 2016 semester, Berry enrolled in 11 classes for a total of 32 credits. He earned an “A” in each of his 11 classes. Prior to the fall, he had completed 17 classes.

“Hope for Humanity” A Day of Charity at Zaman International

Organized by the Student Activities Office, Henry Ford’s volunteer day on February 18 was a tremendous success!

Students Veterans Association

The start of the Winter 2017 semester also meant the Student Veterans Association would welcome a new leader at its annual initiation ceremony. Outgoing President, Montrice Moore, welcomed incoming President, Tiasha Horton.

Remember Me Quilt

On Jan. 17, the Remember Me Quilt Project came to HFC’s cafeteria to showcase handmade quilts in remembrance of gun violence victims. Remember Me, a non-profit organization, works to bring victims of gun violence to the public’s knowledge.


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