Remember Me Quilt

From the left to right: Laura Dudgeon and Sandy North

On Jan. 17, the Remember Me Quilt Project came to HFC’s cafeteria to showcase handmade quilts in remembrance of gun violence victims. Remember Me, a non-profit organization, works to bring victims of gun violence to the public’s knowledge. The innocent civilians featured on four large quilts range in age, ethnicity, and gender. The Remember Me Quilt Project travels statewide with their quilts to tell the stories of the faces you see on display. They claim no political stance when it comes to gun control. Their sole purpose is to not let these victims be forgotten. Three of the four quilts revolve around citizens who were killed in the Detroit area, while the last revolves around the Flint, Michigan area.

Everywhere they go, whether it be a school cafeteria, radio show, or a gun control event, the group gets at least one person who approaches them to share their story of the loved one they lost to a gun. As they prepare to visit Chicago for a showing, they hope to become well-known nationwide so the faces on the quilts are always remembered. More and more people contact them as the years progress to have their loved ones featured on a quilt. They are working on a fifth one currently, and offer to add a picture and story of anyone’s friend or relative who was lost in this way. To contact them, send an e-mail to:

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