Operation Red Chapter 1

Title: Project Red. Panel 1: A full moon lights up the night sky. Panel 2: A person in a red cloak crunches through snow. Panel 3: We see the person's face. It is a red headed girl. She seems startled. Panel 4: The red headed girl braces herself on a tree in the snowy wood as something wooshes past her.


Panel One: Comic book character Deadpool has a lightsaber through his chest. He's saying, "OW OW OW OW". Panel Two: Deadpool turns to Kylo Ken. Deadpool says, "Hey that tickles!"

Little Hawkster

Panel 1: Lil' Hawkster reads a paper and says, "Oh wow! The Deadpool comes out." Panel 2: Lil Hawkster looks down and says, "Hey look! There he is over there!" Panel 3: He jumps down out of the panel while exclaiming, "Here I come! Wee!"

Star Wars

Comic panel one: Rylo Ken is asking, "Who ate the last cookie?" Comic panel two: Rylo Ken is smashing the 'Heat-o-tron' with his lightsabre. Comic panel three: Two snowtroopers look quizzically at the newly formed snow around them.

Little Hawkster: Cooties

Panel one: Lil' Hawkster is wishing Robin, "Happy Valentine's Day!" Panel two: Robin kisses Lil' Hawkster on the cheek. Panel three: Lil' Hawkster runs away from Robin yelling, "Cooties!"

Snow Man Contest

Panel one: Lil' Hawkster has a cute little snowman with a red hat, a bucket, and stick arms. It has a first place ribbon. Panel two: A snow creature, little ears, giant mouth gaping and smiling. A boy stands next to it. It has a second place ribbon. Third panel: A flat pile of snow has 'snow man' written on it. The writing is yellow.

Lil' Hawkster's Thanksgiving continued

Panel 1: Lil' Hawkster talks to Tommy, "Hey Tommy, what are you having for Thanksgiving?" Panel 2: Tommy replies, "I've got a big family, so there will be corn, green beans, stuffing, potatoes" Panel 3: Tommy continues, "And then we always have a giant tasty turk- umm. ... Turnip! Yeah, a huge turnip. Ha ha ha..." Lil' Hawkster has a question mark floating over his head.

Lil' Hawkster's Thanksgiving

Lil' Hawkster's Thanksgiving

Panel 1: Cartoon of a turkey with the text, "Enjoy this Thanksgiving with a nice warm meal." Panel 2: A cartoon of a well known coffee company's cup. Text, "Enjoy the holidays with a Christmas Coffee!" Panel 3: Lil' Hawkster says, "I'm not sure which one I'm more upset about!"

Lil' Hawkster's Thanksgiving

Lone Survivor Movie Review

(May Contain Spoilers)

Let me be clear first before anyone comes and accuses me of disrespecting our soldiers, I am not against the bravery and honor the U.S Armed Forces do, I utterly respect it. Considering this movie was based on a true story, what these men did was heroic and will go into the books. This is merely a review of a movie and not an evaluation of the Soldiers who fight for our country.


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