Remembering Congressman John D. Dingell Jr.

1986 photo of U.S. Representative John Dingell

On Feb. 15, former US Congressman John D. Dingell Jr., the longest-serving member of Congress in US history, was laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C. Dingell passed away peacefully on Feb. 7, at his home in Dearborn.

Dating in the D: Raising the Bar

In Detroit, there are several types of different bars. Sometimes they can be a bit more highfalutin, and sometimes they’re your run of the mill dive bar, where you pull up a stool and have a chat over a beer.

Dating in the D: Tea for Two

Several colorful teapots sit on a shelf in Socra-tea.

In Detroit, we’re fortunate to have several small businesses where you can settle in for a great “getting to know you” session over a hot cup of your preferred beverage of choice.

Alternative Fitness: Belly Dancing

Photo of midsection of woman wearing gym clothes in a gym swaying hip. Photo courtesy of Boise State University Campus News.

Being fit and getting into shape isn’t always easy, and let’s face it, it is not as easy as eating that piece of pizza two feet away from you.

Dating in the D: Dinner and a Movie

It’s about the most common date there is.

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