New Column Seeks Your Input

I hope you all are getting back into the groove of your classes and if you are just starting out, WELCOME!

As we know, college can be challenging; difficult courses, long days, and lots of responsibilities. Many of us attend classes and leave the campus, thinking there’s not much to do on campus. It works for some people, but for me it causes us to only get the minimal college experience. No, it’s not university and there are no ‘raging parties’ like there are in movies. However, there are many different things accessible for us, that aren’t mentioned enough. Henry Ford has provided us with a few benefits to help make our experience at HFC a little less boring and stressful! Here’s a few: Tutoring. Tutoring is available for all of your course needs, let it be math, biology, or English. The Learning Resources (Building A) has it all, take advantage of it! Don’t feel alone when you’re struggling to grasp a certain concept or solve a certain equation, get help!

There are also many quiet places to go to escape the world or study course material, such as the library, the Liberal Arts (Building K), the Science (Building J), and even outside of campus. I know for me, I have to complete my work while on campus, otherwise, very little will get accomplished in my distracting home.

A quiet place is always great, but so are fun activities! There’s always something to participate in, attend, or watch at HFC! Student clubs play a huge part in the activities available to the community. Bake sales, carnivals, fashion and talent shows, they do it all! Not only is it fun to visit these uplifting activities and events, it’s great to be a part of them! You could gain volunteer hours, networking opportunities, and some of the clubs even offer scholarships.

The clubs are great for your professional lives and your PERSONAL lives. Being active on campus allows you to meet so many different kinds of people and obtain great relationships. Making friends can be pretty tough and to be honest… really awkward for some of us. Student activities help relieve some of the pressure. Some of my closest friends were met at HFC by participating in campus life!

I should probably introduce myself now. I am Johnnie Upshaw III and this is my advice column. Everyone could use some advice now and then. Why not ask me?

If you want advice on a special topic, please send your questions to and type “Johnnie On The Spot” in the subject line. It can even be anonymous if you’d like! The next column is up to you. So, tell me, what do you want to talk about?