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Students Study in Italy

Presentation boosts cultural awareness

HFC Student Receives Five Film Awards On the Path To Finding Himself

Henry Ford College alumnus, Shahid Mohammad, has won five international film festival awards -- all for a play entitled “Angel’s Night” that he wrote while he was a student in a Media Writing class with HFC’s director of Telecommunications, Susan McGraw. Shahid submitted it to several film festival contests. It has garnered prestigious awards including a Royal Reel at the Canada International Film Festival, as well as Official Selections both nationally and internationally at the Las Vegas Black and the Peachtree Village International film festivals, and even the London Film Awards and Colortape International Film Festival in Australia.

Lone Survivor Movie Review

(May Contain Spoilers)

Let me be clear first before anyone comes and accuses me of disrespecting our soldiers, I am not against the bravery and honor the U.S Armed Forces do, I utterly respect it. Considering this movie was based on a true story, what these men did was heroic and will go into the books. This is merely a review of a movie and not an evaluation of the Soldiers who fight for our country.


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