Navigating HFC’s Eshleman Library

Student looking for book at Henry Ford College Eshleman Library courtesy HFC Marketing

Henry Ford College’s Eshleman Library consistently welcomes over 1,200 visitors daily.

As modern libraries evolve with improved technology and resources, library etiquette remains a priority.

What does etiquette mean? According to the American Library Association’s code of conduct, visitors “shall not annoy others in the library. This includes noisy or boisterous activities, staring at another person with the intent to annoy that person, following another person about the building with the intent to annoy that person, playing audio equipment so that others can hear it, singing or talking loudly to others or in monologues, using profanity, displaying print or nonprint materials of an offensive nature to others or by behaving in a manner that can be reasonably expected to disturb others.”

At HFC’s Eshleman Library, there are designated areas to talk or to be quiet, but in all areas students are expected to be respectful of others. The first floor of HFC’s library allows groups to talk, study and collaborate. These privileges extend to those using computers on the first floor.

Those interested in praying or meditating enjoy a Reflection Room on the library’s first floor.

Director of Library Support and Academic Services, Dr. Kate Harger, says, “People on the first floor should use their library voices, meaning, talk at a volume so those in your group can hear you, but others around you are not disturbed.”

Dive into Zoom meetings, phone calls and virtual study sessions, but at a respectable volume. The library recently added privacy pods, allowing students to participate in virtual classes on campus.

Students utilizing the second floor should silence all devices, use headphones, and refrain from talking.

Foods such as burgers, pizza, fries and wings can be disruptive in a library setting.

“It’s difficult to maintain a nice, clean library environment when messy foods are brought in, so hot foods and meals are typically prohibited in the library,” Harger says. “The library carpet will stay looking clean and new much, much longer if everyone remembers to clean up after themselves and report any accidental spills to a library staff person.”

The library offers food and beverage vending machines. Study and enjoy vending machine drinks and snacks to your heart’s desire.

Good news - the Eshleman Library isn’t strictly business. What is rest and relaxation worth during the stress of college? Complete a puzzle at the front of the library, play a board game, or enjoy the company of classmates in your downtime.

Feel like writing? Post your responses to the monthly writing prompts on the interactive display in front of the library.

Get some light therapy on the first floor during the inevitable long Michigan winters with gray skies. Lamps are available during the library’s operating hours. No reservation required.

How often is your phone battery too low? The library allows students to borrow phone chargers free of charge. Or, grab some headphones from the front desk if you forgot yours.

Libraries in 2024 feature far more than books, and if respect and etiquette remain constant, the Eshleman Library will continue to propel HFC’s success for students and faculty alike.