Take Me Down to Paradise City Salon and Spa in Dearborn

Photo courtesy Paradise City Salon and Spa

Shahad Alsaid runs Paradise City Salon and Spa with her mother, owner Hanin Alsaid. Alsaid was born and raised in Palestine, Nablus, and later earned a Cosmetology degree in Jordan. Alsaid has lived in Michigan for twenty-two years and dreamed of opening her own salon and spa business. Alsaid started working at a small shop in Warren, selling facial products and beneficial herbs for eight years.

Alsaid’s daughter, Shahad, has always had a love for creativity, such as drawing and tattoo art. This led to the decision of Alsid and her husband to enroll Shahad in Cosmetology school to pursue her ambitions just as her mother did. Soon after Shahad graduated, she took it upon herself to make her mother’s long-known dream of opening a salon and spa come true. From then on, Alsaid and her daughter became a team and combined their ideas to come up with their butterfly logo, layout, name, and design for Paradise City Salon and Spa. “Shahad is the brains behind our website and all our social media accounts,” says Alsaid. The name “Paradise City” was inspired by the song Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses.

Paradise City had its grand opening on December 17, 2014. Alsaid decided to open in Dearborn because when she first moved to America, she lived near the same place that used to be a women-only hair salon and soon became her own. Alsaid says, “This place previously belonged to another owner who became my friend and employed me at the time.” It would take Alsaid twenty-five minutes to walk to the salon because she did not have a car at the time. Eventually, Alsaid saved enough money to buy a car and continue working. However, she became busy and had to quit her job at the salon. A few months later, the owner decided to sell the place and Alsaid took it.

Paradise City Salon and Spa offers services such as the Moroccan Bath (Hammam), massages, facials, body/eyebrow waxing, hair care, makeup, pedicures, and manicured nails. The Moroccan bath makes the business stand out compared to other salons and spas. “It took us two years to finally obtain a permit that would allow us to offer Moroccan baths because it is not heard of around Michigan,” Alsaid notes.

Alsaid says, “The Moroccan bath is our signature service that can only be found here at Paradise City Salon and Spa. The warm illumination and blush pink shades transfer our customers to paradise, making them feel at peace.” Upon arrival, Alsaid provides the customer with a disposable bikini, robe, and towel. The treatment begins with a 15-minute soak in the jacuzzi before entering a hot sauna room and lying down on their stomach on a granite bed. Alsaid then uses a Moroccan “tasa” bowl to spread hot water over the body. Next, she massages an all-natural Moroccan soap into the skin and allows it to dry before using a special loofah to gently rub the skin in circular patterns, alternating with pours of hot water to rinse and eliminate any residue that remains. After the back process is done, it is repeated on the front of the body. “This treatment improves skin pigmentation and removes the top layer of dead skin that causes extremities to seem dry and limp,” mentions Alsaid. An ivory-colored mask is finally applied to the body, followed by a henna leaf mask known as “ghassoul” on the face. The two masks leave the skin clean, glowing, and refreshed. Lastly, Alsaid cleanses the body, washes, and oils the woman’s hair. “My main priority when it comes to customers is to make sure they are satisfied and happy by the end of their appointment,” states Alsaid.

The busiest time of the year for Paradise City Salon and Spa is in the summer months when the two official holidays in Islam celebrated by Muslims worldwide come around: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. There are other occasions, such as weddings, engagements, or graduations, when a group of women book appointments all at once before celebrating their big day.

Alsaid has included services such as lash extensions, microblading, and intricate henna work, all done by Alsaid’s daughter. “I try to keep up with the latest beauty trends so I can include them as part of our services,” Alsaid says. Alsaid’s future plans for Paradise City and Spa are to franchise the business for more women to experience and enjoy their wonderful Moroccan bath, along with their additional services offered exclusively for women.

Paradise City Salon and Spa offers discounts to customers who are subscribed by email and for certain service packages found on their website. For first-time customers, Alsaid recommends a consultation via phone or in person to ensure that the service requested by the customer is suitable for their skin and hair type, and to determine if they have any allergies to any products used at Paradise City.

Paradise City Salon and Spa is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. More information can be found on their website @ paradisecitysalon.com and on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram @ paradisecitysalon.