Busy Life of a Student Athlete

Photograph of Henry Ford College volleyball team
Henry Ford College volleyball team. Photo Courtesy Hawks Athletics.

Student athletes run a very busy schedule each and every day. They must balance the sport they play, classes, schoolwork, and their social life all in one. Being a part of the Henry Ford College volleyball team I understand how hard this can be. I am currently a sophomore at HFC and going into my second year of playing college volleyball. We are required to have classes done by 2:00 p.m. then from 3:00 to 6:00 we have practice every day of the week. This doesn’t include games or tournaments that are scheduled throughout the week and on weekends.

Katelyn Pinkowski is a sophomore that plays as a middle hitter. She states, “I love being a part of this volleyball team but at times it can really test you.” Pinkowski continues, “Time management is the most important thing when you have such a busy schedule. I wouldn’t change being an athlete for anything and the team definitely leans on each other for help inside and outside of school and I am thankful for that.”

The team as a whole is extremely close. The girls are amazing athletes with kind hearts all dealing with busy and hectic schedules. Luckily the volleyball team has supportive coaches and other faculty at the school who are willing to help solve issues and lend a helping hand.

Grades are important when being a college athlete. All athletes are required to attend every class and maintain an above average GPA in order to stay on the team and participate in games. Failing classes is unacceptable. Every year we aim to be on the NJCAA all-academic team. Receiving awards is important in order to put on resumes, get other athletes recruited, and it shows other schools our hard work on the court and in the classroom.

We practice up to 15 hours a week, which includes endless drills, practicing defense, offense and footwork. Many times, soreness spreads throughout the body. Finding time for personal healthcare, sleep and recovery adds to an athlete’s difficult schedule.

Being a college athlete has taught me important lessons and has shaped me into the independent young woman I am today. I have found friends that will last me a lifetime and I couldn’t ask for a bigger blessing. Student athletes are strong and deserve credit for all they do and balance throughout their college years. Cheers to a second year of being on the HFC volleyball team and GO HAWKS!