PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Makes its Debut on Xbox One

Image of the Battlegrounds game
Image courtesy of the Bluehole Studio Inc. website

Originally released as a beta in March 2017 on the PC, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds previewed for Xbox One on Dec. 12. A month later, the Xbox One version has already sold over three-million copies. It was developed by Brendan Greene.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds stands apart from the typical multiplayer formula. At the the start of the match, 100 players skydive from a plane and parachute to anywhere they choose on the large, 8x8 km map. From there, the goal is simple – survive. In this battle royale, players must use all the resources they can gather to be the last man, or team, standing. As time goes on, players are forced into a large circle which continues to grow smaller. If you get caught outside the circle, your health will begin to drain until your character dies. This is a game-changing mechanic meant to force everyone together in an all-out brawl at the end. Unlike most games, you only get one life, so you have to make it count. If your character dies, you are returned to the title screen to start up another match.

With the game being in its early stages on console, there are some noticeable differences between the Xbox One version and the PC version. While the PC version has two maps, with a third in development, at the moment, the Xbox One only has the original map, Erangel. Essentially reverting back to its beta stage when it first released on PC, the Xbox One version has lower frame-rates, more technical issues, longer loading times, and a drop in graphic quality; however, the game is still an enjoyable, exhilarating experience. Matches can last anywhere from two-seconds to 40 minutes, and will almost always end with you saying “Alright, just one more round.”

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