Open World Game: Slime Rancher

As the video game industry expands, Steam online gaming platform has become one of the top platforms for PC gamers.

Slime Rancher is one of Steam’s 2017 top games. Developed by Monomi Park, Slime Rancher follows the backstory of Beatrix LeBeau, a girl who followed her dreams to leave her home planet to become a farmer. As the journey progresses not only will the player find out more about Beatrix and gain map nodes, they will also find out about the journey of Hobson and his life living on the farm.

From the beginning of the game to the end you discover new slimes, harvest them and collect new items to move forward in the game. Slimes come in all shapes and sizes, such as a little pink blob or a gray colossal blob with ears and whiskers. Players run around the different worlds, harvesting slimes with a collector gun and then release them into a pen where they can be fed.

Along with taking care of the slimes, the rancher has an opportunity to unlock blueprints and invent new gadgets to help at the lab. The lab is only one of the many places that are connected to the ranch such as The Dry Reef, Indigo Quarry, Moss Blanket and many more. Each place consists of the many different slimes to collect and also harvest gordo slimes that contain slime keys. Slime keys allow the player to unlock doors that could lead to different areas or even to the ancient ruins.

The game has two different modes: an adventure mode and a five day run through. The adventure mode allows the player to explore the game at their own pace and time to do whatever the player desires. In the five day rush mode, the player has five days to find all of the different types of slime, collect ports, unlock different places, and to collect as much money as possible.

With roughly ten different areas to explore and mysterious things lurking around every corner, this game allows for so much free roaming game play. Even though Slime Rancher has been out of beta for a while, the Monomi Park company is still creating more updates for this game every few months.The new updates will consist of new places, characters, and new slimes to collect. Slime Rancher was officially released on Aug. 1, 2017, and has quickly gained a substantial following. Some open world games are harder to control but in Slime Rancher the controls are fairly simple with the classic W,A,S,D keys along with moving the camera view with a mouse or trackpad.